Burn ISO to Disc in Windows without any Software

You might have used several disc image-burning software to burn ISO files to CD/DVD discs like ImgBurn, ISOBurn, Nero, etc. These software applications provide various options for burning ISO files to discs.

But if you just need to burn the ISO file to disc, you don’t need any third-party software. Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has started to provide ISOBURN utility with Windows itself. The ISOBURN is also called the Windows Disc Image Burner utility. You can burn ISO files and IMG files to CD/DVD discs using ISOBURN.

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Burn ISO File to Disc in Windows using Native ISOBURN Utility

So, if you are running Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10, you can natively burn discs without any third-party software. The burning process is very simple, you don’t have a lot of options to set. You just need to enter an empty disc into your CD/DVD drive and click on Burn and you are done. Let’s see how it works.

Nothing Special is required. You just need the ISO file that you want to burn and an empty CD/DVD Disc. In this tutorial, we have used the ISO file with the name Example.iso.

Step 1: Right-click and Select Burn Disc Image

First of all, get your ISO file ready. For easy access, you can keep your ISO file on the desktop. Right-click on the Disk Image file and select the “Burn to disc image” option.

Right-click on the ISO file and select Burn Disc Image option
Right-click on the ISO file and select the Burn Disc Image option

Windows Disc Image Burner utility will start. It will show you the name of your selected ISO file and your Disc Burner Drive. We will use this utility to burn the ISO file to CD/DVD disc without any third-party software.

Step 2: Insert Blank Disc

Now, if you click on the Burn button without entering an empty disc, it will show you an error saying “There is no disc in your disc burner…

Enter an empty disk of the required capacity into your Disc Drive and then click on Burn to start burning.

Click Burn to start the burning process
Click Burn to start the burning process

Step 3: Burn the ISO File to Disc

The capacity of the required disc depends on the size of the ISO file you are burning. If you have an ISO file less than 700 MB in size, you can use a CD disc and if the ISO file size is more than that, you have to use a DVD disc.

Windows Disc Image Burner utility will first check the inserted disc for errors. After successful verification, the ISOBURN utility will burn the ISO file to the inserted disc.

Burning The Iso File To Disc In Progress
Burning the ISO file to Disc

The last step of the burning process is finalizing the disc, once finalized, the disc will eject automatically. After the disc image burning process is complete, you can close the Windows Disc Image Burner utility by clicking the Close button.

Burn Image To Disc Using Cmd Successful
Burn Image to Disc – Successful

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Burn the ISO Image to Disc using the ISOBURN utility in Windows

The above tutorial explained, how you can burn disc image files to CD/DVD discs without using any third-party software. Windows Disc Image Burner (ISOBURN) utility provides basic but sufficient functionality to burn discs.

Hope you liked the process of burning ISO files to Disc without any software. Feel free to write your suggestions and problems in the comments below.

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