How to Create and Use ESET SysRescue Disk for Emergency Scan

It is very common to get your PC infected with malware/viruses if you are not careful. And sometimes, viruses or malware can make your PC completely unusable. Emergency System Scan disks come to the rescue at such times. So, using ESET SysRescue disk, you can scan your PC in an emergency and remove malware/viruses.

Like most of the other Emergency scanning disks, the ESET SysRescue disk is bootable. So, you can boot from it and scan your PC for viruses in emergency conditions. Almost all antivirus companies provide this facility for free.

Create a Bootable ESET System Rescue Disk and Scan your PC using it

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a bootable ESET SysRescue Disk (USB Drive) using Rufus. After that, we will show you how to scan your PC in an emergency using this bootable disk. So, let’s start with the first part.

A) Make Bootable ESET SysRescue Disk

Before scanning your PC in an emergency, you need to create a bootable ESET SysRescue disk. You will need an ESET SysRescue ISO file, Rufus utility, and another PC to create the disk. You will also need a USB disk with 2 GB or bigger size. Download the ISO file, and Rufus utility on another PC. Once you are ready, follow these steps.

NOTE: Please note that ESET System Rescue Disk only supports booting into Legacy BIOS. If your system doesn’t support Legacy BIOS, you won’t be able to use it. So, make sure to configure your PC to boot from Legacy USB disks.

Step 1: Launch Rufus and Browse for ESET SysRescue ISO

First of all, run Rufus utility. Now, select your USB drive from the Device drop-down. After that, click on the disk drive icon to browse for the ESET System Rescue ISO file.

Click Disk Drive Icon To Browse For Eset Sysrescue Iso File
Insert the USB Disk and click the Disk Drive icon to browse for ISO file

Now, browse to the location of the downloaded ESET SysRescue ISO file. Select the ISO file and click OPEN.

Browse And Select Eset Sysrescue Iso File
Browse and select the ESET SysRescue ISO file

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Step 2: Make Bootable ESET SysRescue USB Disk

Now, you are ready to create an ESET SysRescue disk. Click Start to start the creating emergency disk. This process will format your USB Drive. If you have any important data on USB, first take the backup of your data. Click OK when you see the warning message.

Click Start And Click On On Warning To Burn Iso To Usb
Click Start and click OK to continue

Rufus will format your USB drive, and copy ISO files to your USB drive. After the process is complete, click Close to exit Rufus utility.

Close Rufus After Making Bootable Rescue Disk
Close Rufus after making a Bootable Rescue Disk

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B) Scan your PC using ESET SysRescue Disk in Emergency

Now, the System Rescue Disk is ready. It is time to scan your infected PC using the ESET SysRescue disk. But before that, make sure to set up your PC to boot from a USB disk. When you are ready, follow these steps.

Step 1: Boot from Rescue Disk and Start Utility

First of all, insert a bootable ESET SysRescue disk into your PC and restart your PC. If you have set up your PC correctly, it will boot from the ESET System Rescue disk. Now, select Run ESET SysRescue and press Enter to launch the emergency scanning utility.

Boot From Eset Sysrescue Disk And Select Run Eset Sysrescue
Boot from ESET SysRescue Disk and select Run ESET SysRescue

Step 2: Configure Options and Accept License Terms

Now, you will see options to configure the ESET System Rescue utility. Select appropriate options and click “I accept the terms in the License Agreement“. You can take the idea from the screenshot below.

Configure Eset Rescue Settings And Accept License Terms
Configure ESET Rescue Settings and accept License terms

Step 3: Update Antivirus Definitions and Start Emergency Scan

ESET SysRescue Disk utility will start. You will see options to Update antivirus definitions and the On-Demand scan to scan your PC. So first select Update from the left and let ESET download the latest antivirus definitions.

After updating definitions, select On-Demand Scan from the left pane. Now select Custom Scan or Smart Scan depending on your requirements. We have used Smart Scan in this tutorial.

Update Antivirus Definitions And Select On Demand Scan
Update Antivirus definitions and Select On-Demand Scan

Scanning may take some depending on the size of your disk. System Rescue disk will scan and remove viruses/malware. After the scan is complete, you will see the scan summary. Click Close to go back to the home screen.

Click Close After Scanning Is Complete
Click Close after scanning is complete

Step 4: Reboot your PC and Boot to Windows

After you are done with scanning your PC, click on the Menu button and select Logout. After that, click Reboot to restart your computer and boot into Windows OS.

Finally Logout And Reboot Your Pc Into Windows
Logout and Reboot your PC into Windows

Scan your PC in an Emergency using ESET SysRescue Disk

Emergency Rescue disk will scan and remove all viruses and malware from your PC. Just make sure to update antivirus definitions to the latest version before scanning. You can also get remote help from your friend or technician using TeamViewer. Simply click the TeamViewer icon and you can share your screen.

This Emergency disk is very useful when you are unable to use your system because of viruses. Just boot from this SysRescue disk and scan your PC. Feel free to share your thoughts and queries in the comments down below.

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