How to Create Password Reset Disk (USB) for Windows 11

Forgetting your Windows password may sometimes cause data loss. Because if you reinstall Windows, it will wipe your disk clean. Though there are some ways to reset your Windows password, they don’t work always, especially on encrypted HDDs. So, it is better to create a password reset disk for your Windows 11 or 10 to avoid such issues in the future.

After creating a password reset disk, you can use it to reset your Windows 10 or 11 password from the login screen. You just need to plug in your password reset disk (USB) and reset the password. After that, you can easily log in with the new password. You just need a USB disk of any size to create this disk.

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Make Password Reset Disk for Windows 11 or 10

To make a password reset disk for your Windows 10 or 11 PC, you just need a small USB disk. So, plug in your USB disk and follow these steps.

Step 1: Plug in the USB and start Forgotten Password Wizard

First of all, plug in a USB disk in your Windows 10 or 11 PC. After that open Control Panel and search for password reset disk. From the search results, click on Create a password reset disk.

Search And Open Password Reset Disk From Control Panel
Search and click Create password reset disk from the Control Panel

Forgotten Password Wizard will start. Make sure you have plugged in the USB disk, otherwise, you might see an error. Now, click Next to continue.

Click Next To Start Password Reset Disk Wizard
Click Next to start Forgotten Password Wizard

NOTE: Remember you have to insert a USB drive to save the password reset file. Without inserting a USB drive, this wizard will not run. It will show you an error about inserting a USB Drive.

Step 2: Select your USB disk and Enter your Windows Password

Now, select your USB drive from the drop-down list and click Next. This wizard will not format your USB disk, so, you need not worry about the data on the disk.

Select Usb Disk And Click Next To Continue
Select the USB disk and click Next

You will be prompted to enter your current Windows password. Enter your Windows 11 or 10’s login password and click Next.

Enter Your Current Windows Password And Click Next to create password reset disk
Enter your current Windows password and click Next

Step 3: Create Password Reset Disk

As soon as you click Next after entering your password, the wizard will start creating a password reset disk. When the process is complete, the progress bar will show 100% complete. Now click Next to continue.

Click Next After Process Is Complete
Click Next after the process is complete

You have now successfully created a password reset disk for your Windows 11 PC. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Click Finish To Exit Password Reset Disk Creation Wizard
Click Finish to exit Forgotten Password Wizard

Make and Use Password Reset Disk to Avoid Data Loss

Now you can use this USB drive to reset your Windows password from the login screen. Whenever you forget your password, insert this USB drive into your PC. Next, click the Reset password link that appears below the password field after entering the wrong password. The forgotten password wizard will start and you will be able to reset your password.

This tutorial works for Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 and 11. For Windows Vista, you can check this link. Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions down below in the comments. You may also subscribe using your email to get the latest updates directly into your inbox.

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