Download Android N AOSP Extended Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus

There are no more official upgrades for the Lenovo A6000/Plus smartphone. But you can always upgrade your Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus phone, using AOSP Extended Custom ROMs. Here, you can download AOSP Extended-based Android N (Nougat) Custom ROMs for your Lenovo A6000/Plus phone. Please note that these ROMs are maintained by developer Harshit Jain (dev_harsh1998)

1. Download Android Oreo AOSP Extended Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus.
2. Download Android Pie AOSP Extended Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus.

How to Install Custom ROM on A6000/Plus

To install Android Nougat 7 Custom ROM on your phone, you need to install Custom Recovery first. So, first install Custom Recovery (Like TWRP, etc.). And then flash AOSP Extended Android N Custom ROM using Custom Recovery.

Please note that some of the ROMs mentioned below are based on 64-bit architecture. So, you would need 64-bit TWRP Recovery and ARM64 GAPPS to install them. You can download 64-bit TWRP from here.

TUTORIAL: How to install Android Nougat AOSP Extended Custom ROMs on your Lenovo A6000/Plus Phone?

NOTE: Take a backup of your data before installing the custom ROM or flashing your phone. This avoids the risk of losing data in case of failure.

AOSP Extended Based Android Nougat Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Use the following links for downloading Android Nougat Custom ROMs based on AOSP Extended for your Lenovo A6000/Plus smartphone.

File NameRelease DateSizeDownload (64-bit)Sep 17, 2017437.48 MBDownload (64-bit)Aug 12, 2017436.77 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.4-a6000-20170708-1643-OFFICIAL.zipJul 08, 2017303.6 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.3-a6000-20170628-1834-OFFICIAL.zipJun 28, 2017304.4 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.3-a6000-20170608-1158-OFFICIAL.zipJun 08, 2017320.65 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.2-a6000-20170513-0602-OFFICIAL.zipMay 13, 2017317.67 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.1-a6000-20170418-1514-OFFICIAL.zipApr 18, 2017320.38 MBDownload
AospExtended-v4.0-a6000-20170410-1430-OFFICIAL.zipApr 10, 2017323.99 MBDownload
AospExtended-v3.3-a6000-20170317-1514-OFFICIAL.zipMar 17, 2017321.02 MBDownload
AospExtended-v3.3-a6000-20170314-0348-OFFICIAL.zipMar 14, 2017320.44 MBDownload
AospExtended-v3.2-a6000-20170221-0600-OFFICIAL.zipFeb 21, 2017334.76 MBDownload
AospExtended-v3.1-a6000-20170217-1023-OFFICIAL.zipFeb 17, 2017331.68 MBDownload
AospExtended-v3.1-a6000-20170211-1125-UNOFFICIAL.zipFeb 11, 2017331.6 MBDownload

NOTE: AOSP Extended Build version 4.5 and 4.6 are 64-bit Custom ROMs. So, to install them you will need the 64-bit version of TWRP Recovery and ARM64 GAPPS. You can download 64-bit TWRP Recovery from here. For GAPPS, go to and select the ARM64 version.

1. Download Stock ROMs for Lenovo A6000 (KitKat, Lollipop).
2. Download Stock ROMs for Lenovo A6000 Plus (KitKat, Lollipop).

Download Android Nougat Custom ROMs Based on AOSP Extended for Lenovo A6000/Plus

The download links mentioned above are hosted on external websites. And we do not have any control over them. So, we suggest you check them after downloading. We won’t be responsible for any loss of any kind.

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