Download Android Oreo AOSP Custom ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus

After the sweetness of Android Nougat custom ROMs, Android Oreo (Android O version 8) is finally available in the form of Custom ROMs for the Lenovo A6000/Plus smartphone. With every new version of Android, Google adds new features and makes changes to existing ones. Here are some features and changes in Android Oreo:

  • Improvements in public Wi-Fi connections with Oreo
  • Added new emojis, picture-in-picture mode, multi-window, and UI tweaks
  • A new and improved camera app.
  • Revamped notifications and ‘Notification Dots’ in Android Oreo
  • Notification channels
  • Google Play Protect
  • Project Treble.
Download Aosp Extended Oreo Custom Roms For Your Lenovo A6000 Plus Phone
AOSP Extended Oreo Custom Roms

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Since there are no official updates for Lenovo A6000/Plus by Lenovo anymore, Custom ROMs play their part very well. AOSP Extended Custom ROMs are really awesome and smooth. Android Oreo (version 8.x) is finally available for download. The links shown below are for AOSP Extended (Android Open Source Project) based Custom ROMs maintained by developer Harshit Jain (dev_harsh1998)Thanks to him for his hard work and dedication. If you want to support the development of AOSP Extended custom ROMs, you may donate to him.

WARNING: Please note that installing custom ROM on your device will void its warranty. And there are chances that you may even brick your phone. Please use these custom ROMs at your own risk.

Install Lenovo A6000/Plus Android Oreo 8.x Custom ROM

To install Android Oreo 8.x Custom ROM on your phone, you need to install TWRP Custom Recovery first. Then flash AOSP Extended Android O Custom ROM using TWRP Custom Recovery.

To install this ROM, you must use the following version of TWRP Recovery and GAPPS. You can download TWRP and GAPPS from the link given below-

TWRP 3.2.2 for Oreo | Open GAPPS for Oreo

First, install TWRP recovery, then reboot your phone to Recovery, and then install AOSP Extended 5.7 ROM and Open GAPPS.

WARNING: Take the backup of your phone’s data before installing custom ROM or flashing your phone. This avoids the risk of losing data in case of installation failure.

Here are links for downloading Oreo AOSP Custom ROMs for the Lenovo A6000 or Lenovo A6000 Plus smartphone.

AOSP Extended 5.7 Oreo 8.1.0 Custom ROM

File size: 332.1 MB
Android version: 8.1.0

AOSP Extended 5.5 Oreo 8.1.0 Custom ROM

File size: 317.2 MB
Android version: 8.1.0

AOSP Extended 5.4 Oreo 8.1.0 Custom ROM

File size: 303.97 MB
Android version: 8.1.0

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AOSP Extended 5.3 Oreo 8.1.0 Custom ROM

File size: 317.62 MB
Android version: 8.1.0

AOSP Extended 5.2 Oreo 8.1.0 Custom ROM

File size: 312.23 MB
Android version: 8.1.0

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Oreo-Based AOSP Custom ROMs for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Download and install Android Oreo-based AOSP Custom ROM on your Lenovo A6000 or A6000 Plus smartphone. These custom ROMs are developed by the AOSP Extended community and all the credit goes to them. We have only provided download links to them, we do not store them on our servers.

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