How to Hide Apps on Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme)

There may be several reasons you might want to hide apps on your Android phone. It can be your dating or banking app that you want to keep safe. Almost every Android device brand provides a way to hide apps. But even if you are using stock Android, you can still use third-party apps to hide apps on your phone.

Major Android device brands like Samsung, Xiaomi (Mi/Redmi/POCO), OnePlus, Realme provide their own ways to hide apps. So, you can hide apps natively on these devices. However, if you are running stock Android, you have to use third-party apps like Lawnchair, etc.

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Remove Apps from Home Screen on Any Android Device in 2023

Most of the Android Launcher apps these days have the ability to hide apps. So, you won’t need to root your Android phone to get this feature.

In this tutorial, we have explained how to hide apps on most of the major Android device brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, or Xiaomi devices. So, just follow these steps.

A) Hide Apps on Samsung Phone

Open Settings in your Samsung phone and select Home Screen from there.

Open Settings And Select Home Screen On Samsung Phone
Open Settings and select Home Screen

In the Home screen settings, scroll and tap on the Hide apps option. After that, select the apps to hide and finally tap on Done.

Tap On Hide Apps And Select Apps To Hide On Samsung Android Phone
Tap on Hide Apps and select Apps to hide

Now, you have successfully hidden selected apps on your Samsung phone.

B) Hide Apps on your Xiaomi Device (Mi, Redmi, Poco)

First of all, open Settings on your Xiaomi phone and go to Apps > App Lock.

Go To Settings Apps And Select App Lock On Your Xiaomi Android Device Phone
Open Settings > Apps > App Lock on Xiaomi Device

On the App Lock screen, swipe left to go to the Hidden Apps section. Now, select the Android apps that you want to hide on your Xiaomi device.

Swipe Left And Hide Apps In Xiaomi Redmi Mi Poco Devices
Hide Apps in Xiaomi phone

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C) Hide Apps on OnePlus Phones

Open the launcher menu by swiping it up. After that, swipe right to open Hidden Space on your OnePlus phone. Here, tap on the ‘+‘ icon at the top-right corner.

Now, select the apps that you want to hide on your OnePlus Android device. After selecting the apps, tap on the check mark [✓] at the top-right corner of the screen.

Hide Apps On Oneplus Android Phone Device
Hide Apps on the OnePlus Phone

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D) Hide Apps on Realme Android Devices

Go to Settings on your Realme phone and then, select Privacy > App Lock.

Go To Settings Privacy And Select App Lock On Realme Device
Go to Settings > Privacy > App Lock on Realme phone

After that, set a privacy passcode if not done already.

Set A Password For App Lock On Realme Android Phone
Set a Privacy Passcode for App Lock on Realme phone

Next, add apps to App Lock first. Then, tap on the app that you want to hide (we are taking the example of the Photos app) and Enable Password Verification.

After enabling password verification, you can turn on the toggle to Hide Homescreen Icon to hide selected apps from the home screen.

Select App From App Lock And Hide Homescreen Icon On Realme Phone
Hide Apps on Realme Phone

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E) Hide Apps on Any Android Phone (Stock Android, LG, Asus, Motorola, Pixel)

If your Android phone doesn’t support hiding apps natively, you can use a third-party launcher app. So, in this tutorial, we are going to use the Lawnchair 2 launcher to hide apps on any Android phone.

So, install Lawnchair 2 (Free) from the Play Store on your Android device. Launch the app after installation.

After that, tap and hold anywhere on the home screen and select Home Settings from the pop-up menu. In the Home Settings, select Drawer.

Long Tap On Lawnchair Homscreen And Select Home Settings And Then Select Drawer
Go to Home Settings > Drawer

Here, tap on Hidden App Shortcuts. Finally, select the apps that you want to hide and you are done. As soon as you select the apps, they will be hidden immediately.

Go To Hidden App Shortcuts And Select Apps To Hide On Android Phone Using Lawnchair 2
Hide apps using Lawnchair

Keep Your Apps Safe Against Unauthorized Access

In the above tutorial, we have explained the method to hide apps on Android devices be it Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, or any other brand. Since, most of the major brands provide a native feature for hiding apps, making it easy for users. You can also check this trick to hide files inside the image.

However, if your phone doesn’t support hiding apps natively, you can use third-party launchers to hide apps. Well, hope you found this tutorial helpful. Do let us know your queries and suggestions in the comments below.

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