How a Netflix VPN Improves Your Streaming Experience?

Feel like you’re not getting enough from your Netflix subscription? Understandably, every movie studio seems to be opening its streaming platform and taking back streaming rights. Nevertheless, a Netflix VPN will help you make the most out of your current plan. Not only that, but it should also help with those long weekend marathon sessions.

Scroll on to see what you’re getting and check out the best VPNs when it comes to Netflix – you’re going to need them later.

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More Netflix Libraries to Check Out with VPN

You’re probably aware that some popular Netflix shows aren’t available everywhere. But how much of a difference is there between international libraries? Well, let’s take the world’s largest Netflix library – Ireland, with 5573 shows (according to an April 2020 count by

Compare that to a country like Switzerland, where only 4326 titles are available. Then consider the fact that Switzerland pays around $18.55 for the standard plan, a whopping 42.3% more than the average. Meanwhile, Ireland pays around $14.26 for the same plan.

This is just one example, but quite a few other countries aren’t getting a fair deal from Netflix. If they’re making you pay more anyway, you might as well get a Netflix VPN and unlock their full catalog.

How does that work? Well, websites and online services detect your location by checking your IP address. Think of an IP as your device’s phone number, with its country code. Although, an IP can reveal even more about your location – including your city and ZIP code.

In any case, a VPN masks your IP address and assigns a new one based on the VPN server you connect to. Tired of your limited library? Is your favorite show not available locally? Connect to a server in a different country and enjoy hundreds of new options.

Movies and Shows on Netflix Over Time
Movies and Shows on Netflix over time

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Why use a VPN if my country has a huge Netflix Library already?

Even if you’re in the top 10, some shows still come with weird regional exclusivity rules. Best example: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You’d think a US-based show, made by US creators would be available in the US, right? Wrong. It’s only on Netflix UK.

Then there’s Lost. Say what you will about the ending, but people who enjoyed the show can only revisit it on Netflix Japan, and South Korea. The 20 or so Studio Ghibli films they’ve recently added are available everywhere, at least. Well, if you don’t live in the US, Canada, or Japan of all places.

Another issue you might encounter is certain shows not being fully released in your area. Take Arrow for example, whose eighth and final season has finished airing in January 2020. Depending on where you live, however, you might only be able to watch up to season six. Why some countries are left behind is anyone’s guess, but the issue is easily solvable. Simply switch to a region with all available seasons.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for more content, a Netflix VPN will be a good deal no matter where you are. Now, about those long sessions we mentioned.

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No Bandwidth Throttling on Netflix VPN

Having to wait for new episodes of your favorite series every week can be kind of a bummer. Fortunately, Netflix just releases whole seasons at once – kind of an ideal format in an era of Covid-related lockdowns.

According to a Morning Consult/ Hollywood Reporter poll, about 60% of people like to watch shows. To be fair, they call it marathon even if you just watch two episodes of a show once a week. Still, there’s no doubt that it’s always tempting to watch “just one more episode,” even if future you will hate you in the morning.

That being said, it’s no fun when your ISP decides that you’ve had too much Netflix lately and throttles your connection. One moment, the episodes fly by. The next, you’re waiting for that buffering wheel to stop turning. According to Business Insider, mobile carriers tend to be biased on what video content they throttle. For example, AT&T slows down YouTube and Netflix videos in over 70% of cases, whereas Amazon Prime users don’t experience this issue.

Fortunately, encrypting your traffic with a Netflix VPN ensures that your carrier or Internet provider can’t snoop on your online activity. Without getting too technical, VPN encryption garbles your online activity, turning it into gibberish to any outsiders. Your ISP can’t throttle what they can’t see. And they most likely won’t start slowing down random services until they get it “right.”

Do note that a VPN won’t help you bypass throttling that occurs after you go over your data cap (if applicable). ISPs can still see how much data you’ve consumed, just not what it consists of.

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Works with other Platforms as well

Chances are, your Netflix VPN will unblock other streaming sites as well. If you ever get tired of Netflix you could always check out other platforms – like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other regional exclusives – using the same VPN app. Not sure which streaming services your provider unblocks? Then head over to the link at the beginning. ProPrivacy was kind enough to mention when a VPN works with other video providers. For the most part, a quality VPN will let you unblock major platforms, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

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