How to Convert Automator Actions to Apps on Mac

Apple’s Automator is a very useful app for automating tasks and workflows. You can easily use it to create simple and easy-to-access shortcuts for resizing the images and switch for changing dark/light mode on your Mac. Besides these, you can also convert Automator actions to Apps on macOS.

Since Automator is also available in older versions of macOS, so, you won’t face incompatibility issues. But if you are willing to use Quick Actions, you would need to be running at least macOS Mojave.

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Convert Automator Workflows to Apps on macOS

While Quick Actions can make things faster with just a click, it doesn’t provide a high level of precision. So, if you are willing to make some advanced workflows, you can use Automator workflow and save them as apps. Let’s get started with the steps.

Step 1: Open Automator and Create a Workflow

First of all, launch the Automator app on your Mac. Next, create a new Workflow and customize it according to your requirements.

Launch Automator And Open A Workflow And Modify It As Per Your Requirements
Launch Automator and create a Workflow as per your requirements

Step 2: Convert Workflow to Application

After you are ready with the workflow, click on the File menu and select Convert To… (alternatively you can use ⌥⇧⌘C keyboard shortcut).

Click On File Menu And Select Convert To
Click on the File menu and select Convert To

Next, select Application from the panel. This will convert selected Automator actions to apps.

After That Select Application From Convert To Options
Select Application from the panel

INFO: Automator’s Application is a kind of standalone workflow that runs on launch or when you drop files/folders on it.

Step 3: Save Automator Action as Application

Now, after you have converted the Automator action to an application, save this as an app. So, first, click on the File menu and select Save (alternatively you can use ⌘S shortcut).

Click On File Menu And Select Save To Save Workflow As App
Click on the File menu and select Save to save Workflow as an App

Now, type a name for the app, select Application from the File Format drop-down, and click Save. Make sure you choose an accessible location for your application. So, that you can find it easily next time.

Give The Workflow As Suitable Name Select File Type As Application And Click Save
Type a suitable name, select File Format as Application, and click Save

Step 4: Add the Application to the Finder Toolbar

Now, after you have converted the Automator action to an application, you can add it to the Finder toolbar for easy access. So, to add this newly created app to the Finder toolbar, drag the app to the toolbar while pressing and holding the Command + Options keys.

After adding the app to the Finder toolbar, you can easily launch it from there by clicking on it. Simply double-click the icon and you are good to go.

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Turn Automator Actions into Apps on Mac

The above tutorial explained how you can create and convert Automator actions or workflows to apps on Mac. You can also add them to the Finder toolbar for easy access. So, if you are not running Mojave or a newer version of macOS, you can use Automator actions to speed up your tasks. You may also check this tutorial to factory reset your Mac if it is having issues.

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