How to Create a Light and Dark Mode Switch on Mac

The Dark mode not only protects our eyes against bright light but also saves the battery power. That is why almost every platform is embracing the dark mode. And it’s been a while since macOS got a dark theme. However, there is no reliable and quick option to toggle between light and dark mode on Mac. But you can create a Light and Dark mode switch using the Automator on Mac.

Yes, you read it right. While using the native method, you have to go through various settings or steps to change the theme, however using Automator, you can do it with just a click. A simple shortcut on your desktop can allow you to quickly switch between light and dark mode on Mac. Not just the dark mode, you can also use Automator to convert actions to apps.

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Add a Light and Dark Mode Switch on Mac

The Automator on macOS is a very useful tool. You can use it to automate various manual tasks and increase productivity. Similarly, you can use Automator to create a Light/Dark Mode toggle on your Mac. Plus the process is very easy and simple, so you won’t have any troubles. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch the Automator on Mac

First of all, launch the Automator app on your Mac. You can use the Spotlight to search and open the Automator. After opening the Automator, click File menu and select New.

In Automator Click On File And Then Select New From Menu
Open Automator, click File menu and select New

Step 2: Create a New Application in Automator

You will see a new window asking you to select the document type to create. Here, select Application from available options and click Choose button to continue.

Select The Document Type As Application And Click Choose
Select the document type as Application and click Choose

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Step 3: Select Automator Action to Switch between Light and Dark Mode

Now, select Actions from the Library and search for “change system appearance“. After that drag Change System Appearance item from the search results to the Automator workflow.

Select The Type As Actions And Search And Add Change System Appearance to create light and dark mode switch on mac
Drag Change System Appearance action to Automator workflow

Step 4: Save the Shortcut on your Desktop

As it is visible in the Automator workflow, the name of Change System Appearance is showing as “Toggle Light/Dark“. So, we will also save the Automator application with the same name (Toggle Light/ You can save this app anywhere on your Mac.

Save The Application As Toggle Light Dark mode switch On Desktop on mac
Save the Application as Toggle Light/Dark on Desktop

After creating, we have saved the Light and Dark mode switch app or shortcut on the desktop for easy access. You can save it to your desired place.

Light Dark Mode Switch Application Saved To Desktop On Mac
Light/Dark Mode Switch Application saved to Desktop on Mac

Step 5: Quickly Switch Between Light and Dark Mode on Mac

Now after we have created the Light/Dark mode switcher, it’s time to test it. So, just go to your desktop on Mac and double-click the shortcut. The theme of the Mac will change immediately.

Double-click Toggle Light Dark app on Desktop to switch between Light and Dark mode on Mac
Double-click Toggle Light/Dark app to change the theme

NOTE: When you double-click the Automator application, it might ask for your permission. Click OK to grant the required one-time permission.

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Easily Toggle Between Light and Dark Mode on macOS

Now, you don’t need to go through various settings and steps to change the theme on your Mac. Simply double-click the shortcut and you are good to go. It will switch between the dark and light mode quickly. And besides this, you can also use Automator for various other tasks like sending email automatically etc.

Hope you liked this tutorial. In case you are having any problems following the steps, let us know in the comment section down below. Enjoy the trick.

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