How to Enable Dark Mode in Gmail on Android and iPhone

With almost every app embracing the Dark Mode, Gmail has also joined the party. Google also released dark mode for its Gmail app. So, now, you can enable dark mode in the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device and bright light won’t hurt your eyes anymore.

Google rolled out the dark mode for Gmail in a staggered manner initially. But now, it is available for everyone. Just make sure to keep your Gmail app updated to the latest version.

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Enable Dark Mode in Gmail on Android and iOS

We have already got Dark Mode in Gmail on our devices. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to enable Dark Mode in Gmail on Android and iPhone. Please note that the steps for Android and iPhone are quite identical. We have used screenshots from an Android device but it’s almost similar in iOS also.

Let’s check quick steps for enabling Dark Mode in the Gmail app on Android and iOS devices. Just make sure to update your Gmail app to the latest version on your Android or iOS device.

Step 1: Open the Gmail App and Go to Settings

First of all, open the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device. After that tap on the Menu button or swipe from the left to open the menu on the Gmail app. Here, scroll down and tap on Settings. In Settings, select General Settings.

Open Gmail App Go To Settings And Then Tap On General Settings
Open the Gmail App and go to Menu > Settings > General Settings

NOTE: In iOS or iPadOS, you will find the Theme option right in Settings and you won’t have to go to General settings.

Step 2: Enable Dark Mode in Gmail

In “General settings“, tap on Theme. Here, you will have the option to choose the Light or Dark theme for your Gmail app. Select Dark to enable Dark Mode in the Gmail app on your device.

You can also select System Default if you wish to change the Gmail app’s theme from Light to Dark and vice versa when you change the theme on your device.

Tap On Theme And Select Light Or Dark To Enable Light Or Dark Mode On Gmail App
Tap on Theme and Select Dark

NOTE: On the iOS devices that don’t have a system-wide dark theme (iOS 11 and 12), you won’t see the System default option in the Theme menu.

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Enjoy Dark Mode in Gmail App on your Android and iPhone

Now, that you have successfully enabled Dark Mode in Gmail, you can browse your emails on your device without putting much strain on your eyes. Besides, helping your eyes, Dark Mode also helps your battery last a bit longer. If you wish to disable Dark Mode in the Gmail app, you can follow the same path and select Light or System default.

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