How to Enable Developer Mode on Chromebook

In Chromebooks, you can play with OS via Developer mode. Developer Mode in Chromebooks is like root access in Android. But, after you enable developer mode on Chromebook, you lose many of the security features.

However, Google itself allows users to make changes to the OS via developer mode without any security restrictions. Developer mode is very useful for developers or programmers. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to enable Developer Mode on Chromebook.

WARNING: After you switch to Developer Mode on your Chromebook, your computer will get powerwashed. It means, all your data stored on Chromebook will be deleted. So, back up all your data before proceeding further.

A) Enable Developer Mode on Chromebook

Let us make it clear that the Developer Channel in Chrome OS is not the same as Developer Mode. Via Developer Channel, you can get the latest Chrome OS updates.

And Developer Mode is a special OS environment where most of the security restrictions are relaxed allowing you to play with the OS. Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Step 1: Boot your Chromebook into Recovery Mode

To get into Developer Mode, we need to boot the Chromebook into Recovery Mode first. So, first of all, turn off your Chromebook completely.

Then, in turned off state, press and hold the Esc and Refresh keys on your keyboard and press the power button. Your Chromebook will boot into Recovery Mode instead of normal mode.

Press And Hold Esc And Refresh Buttons On Keyboard And Then Press Power Button
Press & hold the Esc and Refresh Buttons & then press the Power Button

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Step 2: Press ‘Ctrl + D’ in Recovery Mode

In Recovery Mode, you will see a warning message like “Chrome OS is missing or damaged.” Do not panic, it’s normal behavior in Recovery Mode. Now press Ctrl + D on your keyboard and press Enter after that.

Chromeos Is Missing Or Damaged Warning
Chrome OS Is Missing Or Damaged Warning

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Step 3: Get to Developer Mode on Chromebook

Now, your Chromebook will restart, powerwash your device, and boot into the Developer Mode. Please note that after you enable Developer Mode on your Chromebook, it will show a 30-second warning on every boot. And, it will also play a beep sound before booting up.

Now, you can continue with setting up your Chromebook as you do in the normal mode.

Setup Chromebook As You Do In Normal Mode
Setup Chromebook in Developer Mode

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B) Disable or Turn Off Developer Mode on the Chromebook

You can disable Chromebook Developer Mode if you want. But remember, it will powerwash your Chromebook again and you will lose all your locally stored data. So, make sure to take a backup before proceeding.

You can disable Developer mode on Chromebook in two ways. The first is through Root Shell and the second is via a warning screen while booting. Let’s check both methods one by one.

Method 1: Turn off Developer Mode via Root Shell

First of all, open the Chrome browser. Then, press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the Terminal. Type the following commands in the terminal one by one and press Enter.

crossystem disable_dev_request=1; reboot
Enable or Disable Developer Mode On Chromebook Via Shell Commands In Terminal
Disable Developer Mode on Chromebook via Root Shell

After executing the above commands, your Chromebook will restart and powerwash itself. And then, it will boot into the normal mode. You will have to set up your device again.

Method 2: Disable Developer Mode via Warning Screen on Boot

Let’s check the second method to turn off Developer Mode on the Chromebook. First, turn off your Chromebook completely. Then, turn it back ON. You will see a warning message on the boot screen for 30 seconds.

On the warning screen, you will see a message saying “OS verification is OFF. Press SPACE to re-enable.” So, simply press the SPACE button and then, follow the on-screen instructions. Your Chromebook will restart, powerwash, and switch from Developer Mode to the normal mode.

Os Verification Is Off Press Space To Re Enable
OS verification is OFF. Press SPACE to re-enable.

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Enable or Disable Developer Mode on Chromebook in Simple Steps

The above tutorial explained how you can enable or disable Developer Mode on Chromebook in simple steps. Chromebook’s Developer Mode is specially designed for developers and programmers.

So, if you are not an expert in Chrome OS, we suggest you do not switch to Developer Mode. Most security features like shell access, and secure boot are disabled in Developer Mode.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your suggestions and queries in the comment section below.

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