How to Install and Use Custom Mouse Pointers in Windows 11 and 10

Windows by default provides several sets of mouse pointers or cursors to choose from. However, there are a lot of custom mouse pointers and cursors available online that you can install and use on your Windows 11 and 10 computer. And most of them are available for free. You just need to download and install them.

These custom mouse pointers give your mouse pointer a refreshing look. No more boring default mouse pointers. You can check this link for some cool mouse pointers. Besides that, you can also search for more cursors online.

Install and Use Custom Mouse Cursors or Pointers in Windows

So, in this tutorial, we will show you how to install custom mouse pointer sets in Windows 11 or 10 and use them. But first of all, you need to download mouse pointer sets. After downloading, follow these steps to install and set them as active in Windows 11 or 10.

Step 1: Download and Extract Custom Pointer Set

After downloading the custom pointer set zip file, extract it to any folder. If it is a zip file, you can simply right-click and select Extract All… to extract it.

Extract Downloaded Custom Pointers Set Zip File
Extract downloaded custom pointers set zip File

After that select the location where you wish to extract the zip file and click Extract. Now, you will have a folder that contains all the mouse pointer/cursor files.

Step 2: Install Custom Mouse Pointers/Cursors in Windows 11 and 10

Now, open the folder where you extracted the custom mouse pointer or cursor set. Here, you will see a file named “Install.inf“. Right-click on it and select the following options based on your OS version:

Windows 11: Right-click on Install.inf > Show More Options > Install

Windows 10: Right-click on Install.inf > Install

Right Click On Install.inf And Select More Options And Then Click Install
Right-click on Install.inf and select Install

Click Yes when you see the User Account Control Prompt. Your mouse pointers or cursors set has been installed successfully. Now, you can use them. If you want to install more pointers, simply download them and follow the same process.

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Step 3: Enable and Use newly Installed Custom Mouse Cursors or Pointers Set

Now, let’s see how to use the newly installed custom mouse pointers set. First of all, open the Control Panel. Here, search for “mouse” and click the link from the search results to Change how the mouse pointer looks.

Search For Mouse In Control Panel And Click Change How Mouse Pointer Looks
Search for the mouse in the Control Panel and click Change how mouse pointer looks

This will open Mouse Properties and you will be on the Pointers tab. Click on the drop-down list under Scheme and select the newly installed mouse pointer set. It is Black-Gold (HELLPC.NET) in our case. After that click on Apply and OK to save the settings.

Select Custom Mouse Pointer Scheme And Click Apply Then Ok
Select the custom mouse pointer scheme and click Apply and OK

Step 4: Check New Pointers

The new mouse pointer scheme has been applied now. You will see newly installed mouse pointers/cursors. Now, you have replaced boring default Windows pointers with exciting new pointers.

Custom Mouse Pointer Install Successful Windows 11 And 10
Custom mouse pointers set installed successfully

Replace your Old Mouse Pointers with Custom Pointers in Windows 11 and 10

Now your mouse pointer or cursor has a new look. You can google for more pointer sets and install them using the same process explained above. You can also download a lot of mouse pointers for free from the open-source RealWorld Graphics – Cursor Library.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to comment down below if you face any issues. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates from us via email. Enjoy your new mouse pointers set.

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