How to Remove Third-Party App Access from Facebook and Google

People use their Google and Facebook accounts to sign in to several websites and apps. For example, people use Facebook accounts for Candy Crush, Instant Games etc. And it’s also very convenient because it’s not easy to remember credentials for each and every website or app. However, with time a lot of third-party apps and websites get access to your Facebook and Google accounts, even after you remove that app or website.

A lot of apps and websites having access to your Google and Facebook accounts, is also a security and privacy risk. It may even get your accounts hacked. The worst part of these third-party apps and websites is that they will still have access to your Google or Facebook accounts even after you stop using them. So, it becomes necessary to remove third-party app or website access from your Facebook and Google accounts from time to time.

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A) Revoke Third-party App or Website Access from Facebook Account

We are going to start with your Facebook account first. So, let’s see how to clean unwanted apps and websites access from your Facebook account. You can do so from Facebook app or website, whichever you prefer. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Facebook Settings

First of all, open Facebook app on your phone. After that, tap on hamburger menu and then tap on Settings & Privacy to see further options.

Open Facebook App Tap On Menu Select Settings And Privacy
Open Facebook app, tap on Menu and select Settings & Privacy

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Step 2: Go to Apps and Websites Settings

Now, select Settings from Settings & Privacy sub-menu. After that, scroll down to Permissions settings and tap on Apps and Websites to see and remove third-party app access from Facebook account. You will also see the list of Instant games that you have played on Facebook as these games also get connected to your account.

Select Settings Scroll Down To Permissions Section And Tap On Apps And Websites
Go to Settings > Apps and Websites

Step 3: Remove Third-Party App and Website Access from Facebook

Now, you will see the list of apps and websites that are connected to your Facebook account. In order to remove or revoke access of specific app or website, simply tap on it. After that, tap on Remove button to revoke it’s access. You will see the details of what will happen after you remove this third-party app access from Facebook, simply tap on Remove again to confirm.

Select An App And Website To Remove Third Party Access From Facebook Account
Select and remove third-party app access from Facebook account

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Step 4: Turn Off Apps and Websites Access for Facebook

Besides just removing third-party app and website access, you can also disable Facebook account access to these apps and websites altogether. It means, apps and websites won’t be able to request Facebook account access anymore. However, you also won’t be able to login to any website or app using your Facebook account.

To turn off apps and websites access on Facebook, go to Apps and Websites settings (as in Step 2 above). Here, below the connected apps and websites, you will see and option to turn off this feature. So, tap on Turn Off to disable Facebook login feature for third-party apps and websites. You will see the details of this feature, simply tap on Turn Off again to continue.

Turn Off Apps Websites And Games Access On Facebook
Turn Off apps, websites and games access on Facebook

Step 5: Revoke Apps and Website Access via Facebook Web

You can also remove third-party app, website access from Facebook account using Facebook website. Simply go to Facebook Settings > Apps and Websites and select an app, game or website to remove.

Click Remove Next To App Or Website To Remove Its Facebook Access
Remove App or Website access via Facebook web

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B) Remove Third-Party App and Website Access from Google Account

Just like you Facebook account, a lot of third-party apps and websites might have access to your Google account. And if you are concerned about your privacy on Google Chrome, you should check this linked article. So, if you have not checked this access for a long time, now is a good time to do that. Simply, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Google Account Settings on your Phone

First of all, open Settings on your phone, scroll down and tap on Google to open Google account settings. Here, you will see several options related to your Google account.

Open Settings And Select Google To Open Google Services
Open Settings and tap on Google to open Google account services

Step 2: Open Connected Apps

Now, scroll down and tap on Settings for Google Apps. Again, you will see list of options for Google apps, tap on Connected apps to see and remove third-party app and website access from Google account.

Scroll Down And Select Settings For Google Apps And Then Select Connected Apps
Select Settings for Google apps and select Connected apps

Step 3: Remove Third-Party App and Website Access from Google

Now, you will see the list of websites and apps which have access to your Google account. To remove access of a specific website or app, simply tap on it and then tap on DISCONNECT button.

Select An App And Tap On Disconnect To Remove Third Party App Access From Google Account
Select and disconnect third-party apps from Google

Step 4: Remove Third-Party App Access via Google Account web portal

Just like Facebook, you can also remove third-party app or website access from Google account using Google Account Manager web portal. Simply go to this link and you can see the list of all websites and apps connected. Select an app or website and click REMOVE ACCESS to revoke it’s access from Google account.

Remove Third Party App Or Website Access From Google
Remove third-party app or website access via Google account portal

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Remove Third-party App Access from Google and Facebook Accounts

No matter how much Facebook and Google claim to be safeguarding user’s privacy, there have been a lot of scandals in the past. The New York Times has also written and article about how Facebook has shared data with third-party companies without user consent.

Hope you liked this tutorial on how to remove third-party app access from Facebook and Google. We can’t deny that Facebook and Google provide quick sign-in method to a lot of websites and apps. However, all these apps and websites get attached to your Facebook or Google accounts even after you stopped using them. So, we suggest you to keep checking these third-party apps from time to time.

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