How to Resize Images on Mac using Quick Actions

If you deal with a lot of images and need to resize them frequently, then you can use Automator Quick Action to Resize images on Mac quickly. Automator on Mac allows you to create manual Quick Actions for various tasks. You can use these Quick Actions to speed up your work on macOS.

Though Mac doesn’t provide any direct option to resize your images you can create your own Quick Action. With Mac’s Automator, you can easily create a Quick Action to Resize Images on Mac. And then, you can use this Automator Quick Action to resize images quickly.

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Easily Resize Images on Mac using Automator Quick Action

So, in this tutorial, we are going to create a Quick Action to resize images using the Automator app on Mac. Automator is a stock app, so, you won’t have to install a third-party app. The best part of this trick is that you can use it to resize multiple images at once. So, let’s get to the process.

A) Create ‘Resize Image’ Automator Quick Action on Mac

Step 1: Add Quick Action to Automator

First of all, open the Automator app on your Mac. You can open it from Dock or you can use the Search option to find it.

Launch Automator Quick Action On Mac Or Search Automator In Finder
Launch Automator on Mac

In Automator, click on the File menu and select New. Alternatively, you can also use Command (⌘) + N keyboard shortcut.

In Automator Click On File And Then Select New From Menu to create quick action to resize images on Mac
In Automator click on the File menu and select New

Now select Service or Quick Action from the available options. This will add a Quick Action to Automator which we will use to resize images on Mac.

Next Click On Quick Action From Available Options to create a quick action to resize images on Mac.
Click on Quick Action from Available Options

Step 2: Set Workflow Options

Click on the Service receives selected/ Workflow receives current dropdown menu and select Image Files from the list.

Click On Dropdown For Workflow Receives Current And Select Image Files
Click on the Dropdown for Workflow Receives Current and select Image Files

Step 3: Add Resize Images Actions to Automator

Now, from the left sidebar, select Files & Folders. After that, select and drag “Get Selected/Specified Finder Items” from the list to the main area in the middle.

Now Select Files And Folders And Choose Get Select Finder Items
Select Files & Folders and choose Get Selected Finder Items

Next, click on Photos in the Actions on the left sidebar. Similarly, drag the Scale Images option to the same area where you dragged Get Specified / Selected Finder Items. This is the action that will help us resize images on Mac.

Next Select Photos From Library And Click On Scale Images Quick Action
Select Photos from the Library and drag Scale Images to the workflow area

You will get a popup message warning you about modifying original images. You can click on the Add button to make a backup copy of your images before Automator Quick Actions Resize your images. But if you don’t want to back up your images, simply click on the Don’t Add button.

Select Add To Backup Images Or Dont Add For Modifying Original Images
Click on Don’t Add if you want to modify original images

Step 4: Set Image Dimensions and Save Quick Action

Now, it’s time to tell the Automator Quick Action about the new dimensions of the images. Under the Scale Images action in the workflow area, specify the new size of images. In this tutorial, we have used 640 pixels.

Define Image Width In Scale Images Section
Define image dimensions in the Scale Images Section

Finally, after you are done with setting image dimensions, it’s time to save the Quick Action. For saving Quick Action, click on the File from the menu and select Save. After that, provide a suitable name for this quick action and click Save. We have given the “Resize Images” name to our quick action.

Save The Quick Action As Resize Images. We will use this action to resize images on Mac
Save the Quick Action as Resize Image

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B) Resize Images on Mac Using Automator Quick Action

Step 1: Launch Finder on Mac

Now after you have created a quick action shortcut, you can use it to resize any image on your Mac. Open the Finder app on your Mac.

Open Finder On Your Mac
Open Finder on your Mac

Step 2: Resize the Image on Mac using Automator Quick Action

Now, browse for the image that you want to resize and right-click on it. From the context menu, select the Resize Image option. If your File is on the Desktop or you don’t see the Resize Image option directly, then right-click on it and go to Quick Actions > Resize Image.

Right Click On Image Go To Quick Action And Select Resize Image to resize images on mac using automator quick action
Resize Images on Mac using Automator Quick Action

INFO: You can also resize multiple images on Mac using this Automator Quick Action. First, select all images that you want to resize. Then, simply right-click and choose Resize Image (or right-click > Quick Actions > Resize Image).

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Resize Images on Mac Easily using Automator Quick Action

So, the above tutorial explained, how you can use the Automator app on Mac to create a Quick Action to resize images on Mac. You can also create a lot of other quick actions like Dark/Light theme switcher using Automator on macOS. This image resizing trick is going to be very useful for bloggers who need to resize their images to a specific size before uploading them.

Hope you liked this tutorial. You can check out more Mac tutorials here. In case you have any questions or suggestions regarding this tutorial, feel free to share them in the comments below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest tutorials directly into your inbox.

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  1. Any way to batch sharpen the image while resizing? Preview can sharpen, but the command doesn’t seem available as an action. I can resize and sharpen all in PhotoShop as a batch command, but apparently no way to sharpen without using PS. Correct?

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