How to Access Blocked Websites using Proxy Sites

Companies apply very strict policies about internet access to their employees. They allow only a few websites on the client PCs inside the Company. And when you try to open any social media website on company PCs, they give you either a “blocked website” or “this webpage can not be displayed” error. But you can access blocked websites using proxy websites.

So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can access blocked websites using proxy websites. Proxy websites encrypt website URLs and allow users to access blocked websites using encrypted URLs.

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Browse Blocked Websites using Proxy Websites

So, as mentioned above, you can bypass website blocking restrictions and access your favorite websites. Follow the steps shown below to see how to access blocked websites on your PC using free proxy websites.

Step 1: Search for Proxy Websites on Google

First of all, open Google search, type “free proxy sites” and click the Search button. From the search results, select and open any proxy site by clicking the link.

Search free proxy on Google
Search “free proxy” on Google

Step 2: Open a Proxy Website

In this tutorial, we are taking the example of the proxy site. Click on the link in search results or type the following address in your web browser.

This will open the Proxy site.

Open free proxy website
Open free Proxy Website

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Step 3: Access Blocked Website using Proxy

Scroll down a little and you will see a box to input the URL of the website you want to visit. Type the URL, select the location of the server you want to use, and click the “Visit anonymously” button. You will now be able to browse the blocked website using the proxy.

NOTE: The look of the website might change over time but the options remain similar. Use common sense to find these options.

Enter the URL of website, select server location and click Go
Enter the URL of the website, select server location, and click Go

Step 4: Browse your Favorite Website

You will see your favorite website open in the proxy container. You can now browse your favorite website without any restrictions. In this tutorial, we have accessed

Access blocked websites using proxy website
Access blocked websites using a proxy website

NOTE: Please note that this method might fail if proxy websites are blocked in your network.

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Unblock Websites using Free Proxy Sites

So, that was a quick and straightforward method to access blocked websites in your network. However, your network administrator might have blocked some of these proxy websites as a security practice. But you can always try other proxy websites from the search results.

We suggest you not indulge in any illegal activity using these free proxy websites. Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your problems and ideas in the comment section below.

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