How to Back up WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

WhatsApp has made it easy for users to keep their WhatsApp chats safe using the Chat Backup feature. Using this feature, you can easily back up your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive

So, if you lose or factory reset your phone, your chats will still be safe on Google Drive. And you can easily restore WhatsApp chat backup while reinstalling WhatsApp on your phone.

WhatsApp Chat Backup feature allows you to back up your WhatsApp chats automatically or manually. Besides that, you can also choose the backup frequency.

You can also control the space usage in Google Drive by not including videos in the backup. Because now WhatsApp backups consume your Google Drive storage space.

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Back up Your WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

So, let’s see how to set up your WhatsApp to automatically back up your chats to your Google Drive account. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Settings

First of all, open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on the 3 dots in the top-right corner. Now, from the list of options, tap on Settings to open WhatsApp settings.

Open Whatsapp On Your Phone Tap On Menu And Select Settings
Open WhatsApp settings on your phone

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Step 2: Go to Chat Backup settings

In WhatsApp settings, select Chats and scroll down. Here, select the Chat backup option to configure your WhatsApp chat backup to Google Drive.

Tap On Chats From Settings And Select Chat Backup
Tap on Chats and select Chat Backup

Step 3: Set or Change WhatsApp Chat Backup Upload Frequency to Google Drive

Now, you will see Google Drive settings for WhatsApp chat backup. First of all, we will change or set the backup frequency. So, tap on Backup to Google Drive and select your desired frequency.

If you choose the Never or Only when I tap “Back up” option, WhatsApp chats won’t be backed up automatically.

Change Google Drive Backup Frequency Of Whatsapp Chat Backup
Change WhatsApp Chat Backup frequency

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Step 4: Select your Google Drive account for WhatsApp Chat Backup

After setting up the backup frequency, it’s time to select your Google account to which your chats will be uploaded. You can also use your existing Google account that you have logged in to your Android phone.

So, tap on Account and select your Google account. WhatsApp will now prompt you for the permissions to add and modify the data on your Google Drive. Allow access to successfully back up your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive.

Select Google Account To Connect Google Drive For Whatsapp Chat Backup
Select Google Account for WhatsApp Chat Backup

Step 5: Backup over Wi-Fi or Cellular

Now, let’s see other settings too. In Google Drive settings, under Account, you will see an option labeled Back up over. So, tap on it to change if you want to back up your WhatsApp chats over Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

Select To Backup Over Wifi Or Cellular Networks
Select to backup your WhatsApp chats over Wi-Fi or Cellular

INFO: You can also include videos in the backup. To do that, select the Include videos option from the Chat backup options. However, we do not recommend uploading your videos to Google Drive as it will cause high data usage.

Step 6: Manually Backup WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

You can also back up your WhatsApp chats manually. In Chat backup settings, under Last Backup, you will see a “BACK UP” button. So, tap on the “BACK UP” button to back up your chats to your Google Drive manually.

WhatsApp will create a backup on your local storage temporarily and will upload this backup to your Google Drive account.

Click Backup Button To Manually Backup Your Whatsapp Chats To Google Drive
Click the Backup Button to Manually backup your WhatsApp chats

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Automatically Back up WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

Now, you need not worry about your WhatsApp chats, they are safe on Google Drive. Whenever you install WhatsApp on the new phone or reinstall it on the same phone, you can restore it from Google Drive. You may also like to check WhatsApp’s advanced search feature.

Hope you liked this tutorial. In case you have troubles or queries regarding this tutorial, comment below. Enjoy, and Have fun.

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