How to Make Folder Bomb – Create Up to 10000 Folders within Seconds

You must have heard about ‘Zip Bomb‘- a zip file when extracted, takes tons of Gigabytes of space. Here is another one that is called Folder Bomb. People usually refer to it as a batch virus, but it is not. You can make a Folder Bomb batch virus using simple CMD commands. This is a simple batch file that can create thousands of folders within seconds. But it is harmless to your computer otherwise.

However, it can hang low-configuration computers. So, make sure you don’t run it on any low-config PC to avoid hanging issues. Besides that we also suggest you don’t run this file on your desktop otherwise you will get your desktop filled with thousands of empty folders.

Create a Folder Bomb that Can Create up to 10000 Folders within a Few Seconds

We do not need any third-party software for doing this, the only thing that we need is Notepad. Using simple Command prompt commands, we will create a Folder Bomb.

Step 1: Open Notepad

First of all, we need to open Notepad. You can open it from Start or press Windows Key + R to launch the RUN utility, then type notepad and press Enter.

Search And Open Notepad From Start In Windows 11
Search and open Notepad from Start

Step 2: Create Folder Bomb Batch File

Now, you need to type the following simple code in Notepad. You can select and copy the code from down below-

@echo off
md %random%
goto top
Type Folder Bomb Code In Notepad
Type the code in Notepad

Press the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut to save this file. Type the name “Folder-Bomb.bat” and select the file type as “All Files (*.*)“. Finally, click Save to save this file to the selected destination. Make sure to save this file within a folder (we have saved it in the Test folder).

Save The Text File As Folder Bomb Batch File
Save the Folder Bomb Batch file to a folder

WARNING: Do not keep the batch file on your desktop. Otherwise, it will fill your desktop with thousands of folders if you run it from there.

Step 3: Test Run your Folder Bomb Batch Virus

Now, we are ready with our batch file. Make sure it is inside a folder (in our case it is inside the Test folder). It’s time to test-run it.

So, to test our batch virus or script, simply double-click it. A command prompt window will appear and it will start creating a lot of folders.

Run Folder Bomb Batch File To See How It Works
Double-click to run the batch file

Within a few seconds, it will create thousands of folders. You can close the Command prompt window to stop the script.

Around 10000 Folders Created Within Few Seconds
Created 10000 folders within a few seconds

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Play Tricks with your Friends using Simple Batch Script

As you have seen, the Folder Bomb batch script created around 10 thousand folders within a few seconds. After you are done with the testing, you can delete the Test folder to delete all the folders together. Just make sure you don’t run the batch file on the desktop, otherwise, it will fill your desktop with lots of folders. You can read more about batch scripts here.

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