How to Downgrade Lenovo A6000/Plus from Nougat to KitKat

If you have recently upgraded your Lenovo A6000/Plus to Nougat using AOSP Extended ROMs, you can’t easily downgrade using KitKat stock ROM. This is because Nougat TWRP Recovery doesn’t allow the installation of KitKat ROMs. So, to downgrade your Lenovo A6000/Plus from Nougat to KitKat, you need to downgrade the TWRP Recovery first.

After that, you can use KitKat TWRP Recovery to install KitKat ROM on your Lenovo A6000/Plus phone. So, first, we will see how to downgrade recovery to allow installation or flashing of KitKat ROM on the Lenovo A6000/Plus phone. Let’s do this step by step.

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A) Downgrade Lenovo A6000/Plus Recovery from Nougat to KitKat

We will start with downgrading the recovery to allow installation of KitKat ROM. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Download KitKat Recovery to SD card and Boot Phone to Recovery

First of all, download KitKat Recovery from here and copy it to the SD card on your phone. Now, boot your phone to recovery. You can use the Volume (+), (), and Power buttons to boot your Lenovo A6000/Plus phone to TWRP recovery.

Boot Lenovo A6000/Plus into Recovery Mode
Boot Lenovo A6000/Plus into Recovery Mode

Step 2: Downgrade and Install KitKat Recovery in Lenovo A6000/Plus

Now, on the TWRP recovery home screen, tap on the INSTALL button. After that, browse and select the KitKat Recovery zip file. Finally, swipe to the right to downgrade recovery to the KitKat version.

Downgrade And Install Kitkat Recovery In Lenovo A6000 Plus Phone
Downgrade and install KitKat Recovery in Lenovo A6000/Plus

After successful installation, go back to the TWRP homepage, tap on REBOOT, and then tap on RECOVERY. Your phone will reboot to KitKat recovery using which we will downgrade the Lenovo A6000/Plus from Nougat to KitKat.

Reboot Lenovo A6000 Plus to Recovery again
Tap on Reboot and select Recovery

Now you have successfully downgraded Nougat TWRP Recovery to KitKat TWRP Recovery.

NOTE: Rebooting to recovery may take some time. If it takes a very long time to reboot to recovery, remove battery and put it back again. Press Volume (+), Volume (-) and Power button together for 10 seconds to go to recovery mode.

B) Downgrade Lenovo A6000/Plus from Android Nougat to Android KitKat

After downgrading Nougat Recovery to KitKat Recovery, it’s time to downgrade Android from Nougat to KitKat. You can download KitKat Stock ROM for Lenovo A6000 and A6000 Plus from the links given below-

Lenovo A6000 | Lenovo A6000 Plus

After downloading the Lenovo A6000/Plus KitKat Stock ROM zip file, copy it to the root of your SD Card. Follow these steps to downgrade Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus from Nougat to KitKat:

Step 1: Go to Recovery and Tap Install

After rebooting to KitKat Recovery, tap on INSTALL and change storage from Internal Storage to External SD Card. We need to do this because, by default, recovery shows internal storage. Since we have copied KitKat ROM to the SD card, we need to switch it from internal to External SD.

Tap On Install And Change Storage From Internal To External Sd
Tap on Install and change Storage from Internal to External SD

Step 2: Flash KitKat ROM to Downgrade Lenovo A6000/Plus

Browse and select the KitKat stock ROM zip file and swipe right to start installation. The system will install KitKat ROM and downgrade your Lenovo A6000/Plus phone from Android Nougat to KitKat.

Browse And Select Kitkat Rom And Swipe To Install And Downgrade Lenovo From Nougat To Kitkat
Browse and select KitKat ROM, Swipe to Install

Step 3: Reboot to System and Enjoy KitKat on Lenovo A6000/Plus

After the KitKat ROM installation is complete, go back to the TWRP home screen. Here tap REBOOT and select SYSTEM.

For the first boot, your phone may take some time. Don’t panic and wait for the first boot to complete. After the successful boot, your phone will start with KitKat. Just configure it and enjoy Android KitKat.

Reboot To System And downgrade Nougat to Kitkat On Lenovo A6000 Plus Phone
Reboot to System

Downgrade your Lenovo A6000/Plus Back to KitKat from Nougat

You have successfully downgraded your Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus smartphone from Nougat to KitKat. Now you can enjoy KitKat stock firmware which was pre-loaded with your smartphone. You can again upgrade to Lollipop or Nougat in case you change your mind. Enjoy, have fun!

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