How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook App on Android and iOS

With every social media app out there embracing the Dark Mode, Facebook has also made it’s move. Facebook announced in year 2020 that it was working on dark mode. Facebook web was first to get the taste of dark mode. Then, Facebook allowed users to enable Dark Mode in Facebook App on Android and iOS as well.

The Android and iOS users were kept in waiting line for more time than expected. Now, that Facebook officially rolled out the Dark Mode to Facebook app on Android an iOS, you can enable it. But remember, it’s a phased rollout. So, you don’t see it right now, don’t panic, you will get it eventually.

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Enable Dark Mode in Facebook App on Android and iOS

Before you start enabling dark mode in your Facebook app, make sure to update your Facebook app to latest version. Here is how to do it on Android and iOS.

  • Android: Go to Play Store > tap on Profile icon > Manage apps & device. Find Facebook and update it.
  • iOS: Launch App Store > tap on Profile icon. Now, look for Facebook app and update it.

After updating your Facebook app, follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch Facebook App and go to Settings

First of all, open Facebook app on your Android or iOS device. After that, tap on hamburger menu button and scroll down to the bottom. Here, tap on Settings & Privacy.

Launch Facebook And Go To Menu Here Scroll Down And Tap On Settings And Privacy
Launch Facebook > go to Menu > scroll down > Settings & Privacy

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Step 2: Go to Dark Mode Setting in Facebook App

After you tap on Settings & Privacy, it will reveal further settings. Here, if you are using iOS (iPhone), you will see Dark Mode option below there.

For Android users, tap on Settings and scroll down to Preferences. Now, tap on Dark Mode to change dark mode settings for Facebook app. Here, you can enable the Dark Mode in Facebook app.

Tap On Settings And Select Dark Mode
Tap on Settings and select Dark Mode from Preferences

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Step 3: Change Dark Mode Settings

In the Dark Mode settings, you will see 3-options.

OnTurn on Dark Mode in Facebook app
OffDisable or turn off the Dark Mode in Facebook app
SystemChoose Dark Mode settings based on your device’s theme.

Now, select On or System option to enable Dark Mode in Facebook app. Remember, if you select System option, you device must have Dark Mode enabled to use Dark Mode in Facebook.

Enable Dark Mode In Facebook App Android
Enable Dark Mode in Facebook App

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Turn On or Off Dark Mode in Facebook App on Android and iOS

Facebook started Dark Mode rollout in Nov 2020. Now, it is available to all users. As you have seen above, enabling Dark Mode in Facebook app is quite easy be it iOS or Android. Now, the bright light of your phone’s screen won’t hurt your eyes while you stare at it while using Facebook.

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