How to Increase Volume of Mp3 Files

We all like MP3 songs. But sometimes low volume of mp3 songs spoil the excitement. You can’t feel the excitement of music without a proper volume level. This problem usually happens in mobile phones, where the increase in volume is limited. But you can increase the volume of mp3 songs to solve this problem.

How can we increase the volume of mp3 file(s)? The answer is simple, by using the software called Mp3Volumer. Mp3Volumer is freeware so you don’t need to pay for it. You can use this utility to increase the volume of your mp3 files.

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How to Increase Volume Of MP3 Songs/Music Files

Mp3Volumer amplifies the volume of mp3 files, however, with volume, the noise also gets amplified. If your mp3 files are not of good quality, you may also get noisy files after amplifying the volume. Follow this tutorial to see, how to increase/decrease the volume of mp3 songs.

Step 1: Download and Install Mp3Volumer on your PC

First of all, download Mp3Volumer from the official website. After downloading, click on the downloaded file. You may see a UAC Prompt asking for your permission, click Yes to continue. Now, you will see the Mp3Volumer installation wizard, click Next to start.

Install Mp3volumer On Your Pc
Mp3volumer installation wizard

Follow on-screen instructions and install mp3volumer on your computer. After the installation is complete, click Finish. This will launch Mp3Volumer.

Mp3volumer Installation Complete
Mp3Volumer Installation Complete

Step 2: Add MP3 Files to Mp3Volumer

After you click Finish, Mp3Volumer will launch. However, if Mp3Volumer doesn’t launch automatically, you can also open it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.

Now, you will see the Mp3Volumer window. For increasing the volume of the mp3 songs, you need to add them to the list first. So, click on Add to add a song.

Click Add to add Mp3 songs to Mp3Volumer
Click Add to add MP3 songs to Mp3Volumer

Now, you will see a browse window. So, browse to the location of your mp3 music files. Select your mp3 song and click Open. You can also select multiple files.

Browse And Select The Song To Increase Its Volume
Browse and Select mp3 file to increase its Volume

Step 3: Adjust Mp3Volumer Settings to Increase Volume

Now, it’s time to change the settings of Mp3Volumer to increase the volume of selected mp3 file(s). So, click on the Settings button.

Click On Settings To Change The Settings
Click on Settings

In Settings, go to the Output Folder tab and check the box next to “Use same folder as source file“. Now, the output file will be saved to the same folder as of input file. This will also help you find output files easily.

Select Output Folder For New Mp3 File
Select the Output folder for New Mp3 file(s)

Next, go to the Audio Encoding tab and check the box next to “Increase volume”. Also click on the drop-down under “Increase volume:” and select the percentage of output volume. You can get help from the screenshot below:

Go To Audio Encoding Tab And Increase Mp3 Volume Change Bitrate And Click Ok
Increase Mp3 Volume

Step 4: Increase Volume of Selected Mp3 Songs

All the required options have been configured now. Simply, click on the Start button to start increasing the volume of your selected mp3 music files.

Click Start To Start Increasing Volume Of Mp3 Songs
Click Start

Mp3Volumer will start increasing volumes of selected mp3 files. You will also be able to see each file separately.

Increase Volume Of Mp3 File Using Mp3volumer
Increase Volume Of Mp3 File Using Mp3volumer

When all your files are done with the processing, you will see the list of your files with the status “Completed!“.

Mp3 Volume Increased Successfully
Mp3 Volume Increased Successfully

Now, you can close the Mp3Volumer utility. We are done here. You can test your files by playing output files. You will also notice the change in volume levels.

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Make your Mp3 Files Louder using Mp3Volumer

Your mp3 music files should be of good quality, as with the volume, noise also gets amplified. This may make your songs noisier if they have some noise in them already. We hope you liked the process of increasing Mp3 volume.

Mp3Volumer can increase the volume of your mp3 files up to 650% i.e. 6.5 times the original volume level. Besides increasing the volume level, you can also change the bit rate of the mp3 file. By changing the bitrate, you can adjust the size and quality of your mp3 music file. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. According to my test, Avdshare Audio Converter also helps to batch increase multiple mp3 volume at the same time: Step 1: Click Add File button to add the mp3 file,
    Step 2: Click “Setting…” button to open the “Advanced Settings” Window. Click the “Advanced” tab, then go to “Audio” column, click 100% tab on the right side of volume to select volume ratio from the drop-down list.
    Step 3: Click the “Profile” drop down button to select desired output format.
    Step 4: Click Convert button to start and finish increase mp3 volume.
    It has both Mac and Windows version.

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