How to Install Remix OS 3.0 on Windows 10 PC

Remix OS is an Android Marshmallow-based operating system. This operating system was developed by Chih-Wei Huang, the founder of Remix OS allows you to install it alongside Windows. It means you can install Remix OS on your PC without losing your preinstalled Windows OS. So, we are going to show you how to install the latest version of Remix OS i.e. version 3.0 on your PC with Windows 10.

Remix OS setup comes with a Windows installer application that installs this Android Marshmallow 6.0-based Remix OS with your existing Windows. For installing Remix OS, your PC must have Windows 7 or newer installed on it. So, in this tutorial, we have used Windows 10.

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Dual Boot Remix OS 3.0 with Windows 10

Let’s start the installation of Remix OS 3.0 on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Download and Extract Zip file

First of all, you have to download Remix OS for your PC if you have not downloaded it already. To download Remix OS 3.0, go to and download it on your PC. The download size is around 1GB, so you won’t have much trouble.

Download Remix Os Player From Sourceforge
Download Remix OS Player

After downloading, you will get a zip file. So, extract that zip file to any folder on your Windows 10 PC.

Extract Downloaded Zip File
Extract downloaded Remix OS zip

Step 2: Start Remix OS Setup and Select ISO File

After extraction, you will get 4 files. Double-click Remix_OS_for_PC_Installation_Tool… application to install Remix OS on your PC.

Launch Remix Os Installation Tool From Extracted Files
Launch Remix OS Installation Tool from extracted files

When you see the User Account Control prompt, click Yes to continue.

The Remix OS setup wizard will start. Now, click on the Browse button at the bottom-right corner to browse for the Remix OS ISO file.

Click Browse To Browse For Remix Os Iso File And Install
Click Browse to select Remix OS ISO file

After that, navigate to the directory where you have extracted Remix OS files and select Remis_OS_for_PC_Android… ISO file. Click Open to select this file to install Remix OS on your PC alongside Windows 10.

Browse And Select Remix Os Iso
Browse and select Remix OS ISO file

Step 3: Set Installation Disk for Remix OS

Now, it’s time to select the disk type on which you are going to install Remix OS. You can see two options, Hard Disk and USB Drive. You can install it on either of them.

In this tutorial we are installing Remix OS on the Hard Disk, so we have selected the Hard Disk. After that, select the Disk Drive of your Hard Disk or USB Drive from the Drive drop-down.

After making all the selections, now we are ready to install Remix OS. Click OK to continue the installation of Remix OS on your PC.

Select Hdd Or Usb From Type And Then Select The Drive And Then Click Ok
Select HDD/USB from Type, then select Drive and click OK

The setup will ask you about the disk size Remix OS is going to occupy. You can select disk size depending on the availability of space in the selected Disk Drive. 16 GB is recommended in most of the cases.

Select System Disk Size
Select System Disk Size for Remix OS

Step 4: Install Remix OS and Reboot your PC

After you select the disk size for Remix OS, setup will start the installation process and will copy the necessary files to your hard disk drive.

Remix Os Installation In Progress
Remix OS installation in progress

After installation is complete, setup will ask you to reboot your PC. Click on Reboot Now to reboot your PC.

Click Reboot Now After Installation
Click Reboot Now after Remix OS installation is complete

Step 5: Boot to Remix OS

After restarting your PC, you will see two boot options on startup. Select Remix OS to boot to Remix OS.

Select Remix Os Boot Option To Start Remix Os
Select the Remix OS boot option to start Remix OS

The first-time boot of Remix OS is going to take some time as Remix OS will install its file system on the assigned disk space (8 or 16 GB which you selected in Step 4).

Finally, you will see the Remix OS logo. You have successfully installed Remix OS on your Windows PC.

Install Remix Os 3 Along With Windows 10
Remix OS boot logo

Step 6: Complete Initial Configuration

The Remix OS installation is complete now. So, just like on a new Android phone, you have to select startup options in Remix OS. First, select your language, accept the license agreement, and connect network.

Finally, it’s time to configure the Google Play Store. You have the option to Activate Google Play to get the latest Android Apps and Games from the Google Play Store. So, activate the Play Store if you wish.

Activate Google Play Services
Activate Google Play Services in Remix OS

Finally, you will see the Remix OS desktop. This is it. You have completed the installation and configuration of Remix OS on your PC with Windows 10.

Remix Os 3 Desktop View
Remix OS 3 Desktop

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Install Remix OS 3.0 Along with Windows 10

Now you can enjoy dual booting Android Marshmallow-based Remix OS and Windows 10 on your PC. You can enjoy HD Android games on Remix OS. But if you don’t like this Remix OS, you can always uninstall it from your PC without losing your Windows.

We hope you liked this tutorial. You can also install Google Play Store on your Windows 11 to play Android Games. By the way, feel free to share your thoughts and queries in the comments below.

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