How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android without PC

Custom Recoveries like TWRP allow users to install custom ROMs on their Android smartphones and unlock the full potential of the device. However, it’s not easy to install custom recovery like TWRP on an Android phone without a PC.

Here, we have explained the steps to install TWRP 3.x.x Custom Recovery on your Android phone without using a PC. In this tutorial, we have used the Lenovo A6000 Plus phone. However, it should work with other phones too.

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Prerequisites to install TWRP 3.x.x Recovery on Android

  • Your Phone must be running Android 5.0 or higher to install TWRP 3.x.x Custom Recovery. Please upgrade to Lollipop if you are running KitKat.
  • Your phone must be rooted. If your smartphone is not rooted, you can root it using the KingRoot App without using a PC.
  • TWRP 3.x.x Custom Recovery Image file for Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus. Download links have been provided at the end of the post. Download and save the TWRP image file to the root of your SD card. You can go to the official website ( to download the TWRP Recovery image file for other devices.

Download TWRP Custom Recovery 3.x.x

You can download TWRP Custom Recovery for your Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus from here.

TWRP 3.1.1 32-bit (For Lollipop) | TWRP 3.1.1 64-bit (For Lollipop) | TWRP 3.2.1 (For Oreo) | TWRP 3.2.2 (For Pie)

WARNING: Please note that rooting your Android phone will void its warranty. In most unfortunate cases, it may leave your phone dead. So, proceed at your own risk. We won’t be responsible for any loss of any kind.

How to install TWRP 3.1 Custom Recovery on Any Android Phone?

Follow these steps to install TWRP custom recovery on your Android phone without using a PC.

Step 1: Install the Official TWRP App on your Android Phone

Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and search for “Official TWRP App“. After that install the official TWRP app on your phone.

Install Official Twrp App From Google Play Store
Install the official TWRP App from the Google Play Store

After successfully installing the official TWRP app on your Android smartphone (Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus), tap on OPEN to launch it.

Step 2: Accept the License Agreement and Provide Root Access

When you open the TWRP app for the first time, it may ask you to sign in using your Google account. You may select your Google account or cancel it. After that, you will see the TWRP license agreement, etc.

Check the boxes next to I Agree and Run with root permissions and tap on OK to continue.

Launch Twrp App And Agree License Terms
Launch the TWRP App and Agree to License Terms

Official TWRP App will request Root Permissions, tap on GRANT to allow Root Access to the official TWRP app.

Grant Root permissions to TWRP app on android
Grant Root permissions to the TWRP app

Step 3: Select TWRP Image to Flash on Android Phone

Now, let’s start flashing the TWRP 3.1 Recovery Image using the official TWRP app. Tap on TWRP FLASH to start.


On the next page, tap on Select file to flash… and tap on the SD Card where you saved the TWRP 3.1 Recovery Image File. After that, we will browse and select the TWRP image file to install on your Android phone without a PC.

Tap on Select a file to flash and select the Storage
Tap on Select a file to flash and select the Storage

Now browse to the location of the saved TWRP 3.1 Recovery Image file. Select the TWRP image file and tap on SELECT.

Select TWRP image file and tap on select to flash twrp to android phone
Select the TWRP image file and tap on SELECT

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Step 4: Flash TWRP Recovery on Android Phone without PC

Now, we are ready to flash TWRP 3.1 Custom Recovery on the Android phone (Lenovo A6000 Plus used in this tutorial). Tap on the FLASH TO RECOVERY button to start flashing TWRP 3.1 Custom Recovery on your Android phone.

Tap on FLASH TO RECOVERY to start
Tap on FLASH TO RECOVERY to start

Official TWRP App will ask for your confirmation, tap on OKAY.

Tap on OK to confirm TWRP flash
Tap on OK to confirm the TWRP flash

The flashing process will start and after it’s complete, you will see a success message. Tap on OKAY.

Tap on OKAY after successful flash
Tap on OKAY after a successful flash

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Flash TWRP to your Android Phone without a PC using the Official App

Now, you have successfully flashed TWRP 3.1 Custom Recovery on the Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus Android Smartphone. You can boot to recovery by pressing the Power + Volume (both + & -) buttons together after turning off your phone.

Using TWRP Custom Recovery, you can install Custom ROMs on your Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus phone to upgrade or downgrade it. Let us know if you face any issues in the comment section below.

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