How to Make Invisible Folder in Windows

How do you avoid public access to your files? By hiding it? Well, this is the most common thing that people do. But have you ever thought about making an invisible folder in Windows to keep your data? If you make your folder invisible, even after enabling show hidden files, your folder won’t be visible to anyone. Only you know where the folder is located, so only you can open that folder.

If you make an invisible folder in Windows, it won’t necessarily be hidden. It will still be there but you won’t see it. But whenever you hover the mouse over it, you can see the folder’s details. You can even click on it to open it in the invisible state.

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Create Invisible Folders in Windows

Let’s check the steps about how to create an invisible folder in Windows.

Step 1: Create a New Folder

First of all, we need to create a new folder. You can also do this with an existing folder but for tutorial’s sake, we are creating a new folder. So, right-click on the Desktop, and choose New > Folder to make a new folder.

Right click on Desktop and Select New and then select Folder
Right-click on Desktop and Select New > Folder

A new folder will be created on the Desktop.

New Folder created on Desktop
A New Folder created on the Desktop

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Step 2: Rename the Folder with a Blank Name

Now, we will rename this folder and give it a blank name. How will we do it? Well, we will use the NULL character to give this folder a blank name. Press the F2 function key on the keyboard to rename the folder. Now type a null character by pressing and holding the ALT key and type 0160.

Rename the Folder with Blank Name - A folder with No Name
Rename the Folder with a Blank Name

Now you have a folder without a name. We are now almost ready to create an invisible folder in Windows.

Folder without a Name in Windows
A folder without a Name

Step 3: Select the Invisible Icon for the Folder

After making the name disappear, it’s time to make the folder icon invisible. To hide the folder icon, right-click on the folder and select Properties. Next, go to the Customize tab and click on the Change icon button.

Click on Change icon to change Folder's icon
Click on the Change icon to change the Folder’s icon

Now, scroll a bit and you will see several blank icons to select from. These are actually transparent folder icons. We will use these transparent folder icons to make an invisible folder in Windows. Select any transparent icon and click on OK.

Select Transparent or Blank icon to make invisible Folder in Windows
Select the Transparent or Blank icon for our Folder

Step 4: Invisible Folder in Windows is Ready

That’s it. We are done here. We have successfully created an invisible folder in Windows. When it is not selected, you won’t be able to see it but it is still there. You just need to know its location in order to find it. Whenever you hover over it, it shows folder details. You can also click and drag the mouse in blank space to highlight your invisible folder.

Create or Make Invisible Folder in Windows
Invisible Folder in Windows created successfully

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Make Invisible Folders in Windows to Hide your Files

You have successfully created an invisible folder. Now you can store your personal data in this invisible folder and nobody will get to know it easily. But remember, the content of the folder will still be searchable. So, anybody can search for it by its name. For better security and privacy, we suggest you create an un-searchable, un-deletable folder to keep your private data secure.

We hope you liked this cool trick. Though this is less secure but easy to use. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Newsletter Subscription is free and you will get the latest tutorials via email.

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