How to Change Date and Time on Android Phone

Sometimes, you might need to change the date and time on your Android phone. There might also be the chance that your phone’s date and time are out of sync and you need to change it manually. Or, you want to get some extra lives in the Candy Crush game. So, whenever required, you can do that from the settings on your Android phone.

So, in this article, we will show you how to manually adjust your Android phone’s date and time. Android phones usually update time using your Cellular Networks. But sometimes, cellular network time synchronization doesn’t work or you may want to change your phone’s date for some other purposes.

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Manually Adjust or Change Date and Time in Android Phone

So, for the above-mentioned purposes, you should know how to change your Android phone’s date. In this tutorial, we have used a Samsung phone but the settings are almost similar for most of the phones. Let’s check the steps in detail.

Step 1: Open Settings in Android Phone

Open the Settings app on your Android phone by tapping on the Settings icon. Now, scroll down and select General Management.

Open Settings In Android Phone And Select General Management
Open Settings on Android Phone and select General Management

Step 2: Disable Automatic Date and Time

In General Settings, tap on Date and Time. Here, you will see that the “automatic date and time” option is enabled. This means that the time on your phone is being updated automatically. You need to disable it first.

So, turn off the toggle to disable Automatic date and time. Only after that, you will be able to change the date and time manually on your Android phone.

Select Date And Time And Disable Automatic Date And Time
Select Date and Time settings. Here, disable Automatic Date and Time

Step 3: Manually Change the Date and Time on the Android Phone

Now, tap on Set Date to change the date. You will see a calendar where you can select your desired date. Tap on Done to set the selected date.

Similarly, you can change time. Tap on Set time to manually adjust the time on your phone. Tap on Done after you are done.

Manually Change Date And Time In Android Phone
Manually change the Date and Time on the Android Phone

Step 4: Revert the Changes

Now, you have successfully changed the date and time settings of your Android phone. If you want to revert the settings to default, You can easily do that.

Simply go to Date and Time settings again and enable the toggle to enable Automatic Date and Time.

Enable Automatic Date And Time To Get Time Update Automatically
Enable Automatic Date and Time update

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Change your Android Phone’s Date and Time Manually

So, that is how you can adjust the date and time on your Android phone. However, it is better to keep Automatic date and time settings enabled as it will automatically correct your phone’s date and time. In case your phone’s battery is dead for a long time, you may lose your device’s date and time. If you have turned Automatic date and time on (which is turned on by default), your phone will automatically adjust the date and time via Time Manager.

Hope you liked this tutorial. In case you have any suggestions, queries, or problems, feel free to share them in the comment section below. We will try to address them as soon as possible. You may also like to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates via email.

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