How to Update Android Phone to Latest Version

We recommend updating your Android phone to the latest version. Software updates fix bugs and sometimes introduce new features as well. Almost all Android phones automatically update software to latest version. But sometimes, you may need to manually update your Android phone.

So, if your Android phone is running slow (try factory reset as well) or you are facing bugs, it’s time for a Software Update or System Update. Remember, you can only update your Android phone’s software if your manufacturer has released an update.

NOTE: Software updates usually don’t erase your phones storage. But it is highly recommended that you take a backup of all your files (Photos, videos and applications) before performing software update. 

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Manually Update your Android Smartphone’s Software

In this tutorial we are going to show you, how to manually update your Android phone to latest version. We have used screenshots from Android Lollipop on Lenovo A6000 Plus smartphone. So, for newer versions of Android, some settings might have moved to other locations. But the steps are quite similar.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to About Phone

First of all, tap on Settings icon on your android phone to open the settings page.

Launch Settings on your Android phone
Launch Settings on your Android phone

On Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and tap on About Phone.

Scroll down and tap on About Phone
Scroll down and tap on About Phone

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Step 2: Check for Update on your Android Phone

On About Phone setting page, look for System Updates or Software updates. Once you locate the right option, tap on it to manually update your Android phone software to latest version.

Tap on System Updates to check for updates on Android phone
Tap on System Updates to check for updates

Your smartphone will start checking for new software update online. Remember, this feature uses your phone’s internet data or Wi-Fi.

Checking for updates on Android
Checking for updates on Android

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Step 3: Manually Install Android Update on Phone

If there is any update available, you will be prompted to download it. Make sure you download the Software update using Wi-Fi as it may consume a big amount of your mobile data.

So, if updates are available, tap on Download/Update Now (or similar option) to start downloading the update.

Tap on Download to start downloading Android Software update
Tap on Download to start downloading Android Software update

After installing the update, your Android phone will reboot.

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Step 4: Check for Software update again

After you have successfully installed the software update on your Android Phone, let’s check for updates once more, just to be sure.

So, go to Settings > About Phone again and check for software updates again by clicking System Updates. After checking for updates, if there is no update available, you will see a message telling you that you have latest version installed.

Check for Software Updates again
Check for Software Updates again

Manually Install Android Software Updates on your Phone

Congratulations! You have the latest version of your phone’s software. The availability of Software Update depends upon your region and country. Once again, we suggest you to install latest software update on your phone to keep it safe.

Hope, you liked this tutorial. Should you face a problem while updating, feel free to comment below. You can also subscribe to receive notifications for latest updates.

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