How to Play Instant Games in Facebook App in 2023

Facebook is one of the most engaging and addictive social media platforms. But it also offers mini-games called Instant Games in its Facebook app. Initially, Facebook introduced Chess and Basketball games to Messenger. But later on, moved them to the Facebook app. So, now you can play your favorite instant games in the Facebook app itself.

Besides the Facebook app, you can also install Facebook Gaming (Free) app from Play Store to enjoy gaming. This app is specially dedicated to gaming. Using this app you can play games and watch gaming videos. You can find almost all types of games here.

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Play Instant Games in Facebook App on Android

So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to play instant games in the Facebook app on Android. You can find thousands of mini-games on Facebook. Just select your favorite game and play. However, in this tutorial, we will play the Basketball instant game in Facebook App.

Step 1: Open Facebook App and go to Gaming

First of all, open Facebook App on your smartphone. After that, tap on the hamburger menu in the Facebook app. Here, you will see several options tiles. Tap on the Gaming tile to go to Facebook Gaming.

Now, you can watch gaming videos, streams and play mini-games here. Further, tap on the Play tab from the top bar.

Open Facebook Go To Menu Select Gaming Tap On Play to play instant games
Open Facebook app, go to Menu, select Gaming and tap on Play

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Step 2: Select your Favorite Game and Tap on Play Now

Scroll or search for your favorite game. After that tap on the selected game to start it. You will be prompted about the privacy policy and data collection by the game. So, tap on Play Now to agree to the terms and play selected instant games on Facebook. In this tutorial, we have taken the example of the Basketball game.

Select Your Favorite Game To Play And Tap On Play Now Button To Start
Select your favorite game and tap on Play Now

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Step 3: Choose Notifications Setting and Play Instant Games in Facebook App

You may be prompted to turn on game notifications. You can choose to enable or disable them. So, tap on the appropriate option to turn on or off messages from the game.

Now, your selected Basketball instant game will start. You can play the game by swiping up the ball into the basket. Each successful basket shot gives you 2 or 3 points. And if you fail to basket the ball, your game is over.

Turn On Or Off Messages From Game And Play Basketball Instant Game In Facebook
Turn On or Off messages and play the game

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Step 4: Exit the Game after Playing

After you are done playing instant games on Facebook, you can press the back button to exit the game. Next, tap on Exit to Gaming on the top to close the current instant game. Here, you will have options to share your favorite instant games with your friends on Facebook to compete with them.

Press Back Button And Then Tap On Exit To Gaming To Close Instant Games
Press Back button and tap on Exit to Gaming to close the game

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Play your Favorite Instant Game with your Friends on Facebook

So, that’s how you can play your favourite instant games in the Facebook app. Just like Basketball, there are several other instant mini-games on the Facebook Gaming platform. You can enjoy them with your friends. Just share the link on your profile or via messages on Messenger. You can also check how to disable video autoplay in the Facebook app.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your thoughts and comment on your score below. We suggest you check this article on Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can also get the latest tutorials directly into your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.

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