How to Reset Windows 11 Password using Password Reset Disk

Just like the older versions of Windows, it’s quite easy to forget the password of your Windows 11 PC. If you have signed in with a Microsoft account, you can reset your password easily using a web browser on another PC. But it’s not easy in the case of local accounts. However, if you have already created a password reset disk, you can easily reset your Windows 11 password.

So, after you have forgotten your Windows 11 password, simply plug in the password reset disk (USB) and start the wizard. After a few simple steps, you will be able to create a new password for your Windows 11 PC. However, if you have not created the Password Reset Disk in advance, you can’t use this Native method. So, we have also included a third-party utility named iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery which can help in case you are locked out of your Windows PC.

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A) Reset Windows 11 Password using Native Password Reset Disk

In this section, we will see how to reset your lost Windows password using the native password reset disk method. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Insert Password Reset Disk and Click Password Reset

We are assuming that you have already plugged the password reset disk into your PC. So, when you see the login screen enter any random password in the box provided. After that, press Enter or click the arrow button next to the password field.

You will get an “Incorrect password” warning. Simply click OK to continue. Now, you will see a Reset password link under the password field on the sign-in screen. So, click on the Reset password link to start resetting your Windows 11 password.

Enter Incorrect Password And After That Click Reset Password Link Under Password Field On Login Screen
Click the Reset password link under the password field

Step 2: Start Reset Password Wizard and Select USB Disk

If you have already inserted the password reset disk, the Password Reset Wizard will start. Otherwise, you might see an error. So, when you see Password Reset Wizard, click Next to continue.

Click Next When Password Reset Wizard Appears
Click Next to continue

Windows 11 will automatically identify the password reset disk and it will show that the following disk has the password reset key on it. Click Next to proceed.

Select The Usb Drive And Click Next
Select the USB disk and click Next

Step 3: Reset and Create a New Password for Windows 11

Next, you will see a screen where you can create a new password for your Windows 11 PC. Type your new password twice and also type a password hint. After that, click Next to continue.

Create A New Password For Your Windows 11 Pc And Click Next
Create a new password for your Windows 11 PC

Now, you have successfully reset your Windows password. Now, click Finish to exit the wizard.

Click Finish To Exit Wizard
Click Finish to exit the Password Reset Wizard

Step 4: Log in with a New Password

After closing the Password Reset Wizard, you will see the login screen again. Enter the newly created password in the box and press Enter or click the arrow button.

Black Sign In Screen Background In Windows 11
Login with the new password

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B) Reset Windows 11 Password using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Utility

The above method won’t work if you have not created a native Password Recovery Disk already. But don’t worry! There is always a way out. However, you would need assistance from third-party tools that can help you create a Windows 11 password reset disk to reset the forgotten password.

Please note that you would need another Windows PC with administrator permission to create the disk.

Step 1: Download and Install iSeePassword Password Recovery

First of all, launch a web browser and download iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery software. Double-click the downloaded file and install the program on the computer.

Install And Launch Iseepassword Recovery On Your Pc
Install iSeePassword Recovery

Step 2: Create iSeePassword Recovery USB Disk

Next, connect a USB drive and launch the iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery app that you just installed. You will see the USB drive name on the main screen. Now, hit the Burn USB button on the right side of the USB option. It will format the USB drive and create a Windows password reset disk.

Burn Usb Using Iseepassword Password Recovery Pro
Burn USB using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

Step 3: Reset Windows 11 Password using iSeePassword Recovery USB

Once you are done with creating the recovery USB disk, plug it into the computer whose password you have forgotten. After that, restart the computer and boot from the USB disk. You may need to set up your BIOS to boot from USB.

After successfully booting from the recovery USB, you will see the iSeePassword user interface. Here, you will see the list of OS installed on your HDD (usually only one OS is installed). So, select the OS if not selected already, and below that, you will see the list of users in that OS.

Now, select a user account whose password you want to reset and click the Reset Password button to set a new password for this account.

Boot From Iseepassword Usb And Reset Password Of Any User In Windows 11 Or 10
Reset user password using iSeePassword Recovery

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Reset Forgotten Windows Password using Password Reset Disk

You can easily reset your Windows password using the native password reset disk or iSeePassword Recovery Disk. While the native Password Reset Disk must be created in advance using the same PC, the iSeePassword Recovery disk can be created using another PC as well. Besides, there is another method available to reset the Windows login password even without a password reset disk, but it’s recommended for advanced users.

Well, if you are using a Microsoft account, you can check this link to reset your password. Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to write down your queries and suggestions in the comment section below.

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