How to Setup and Use Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Cortana as a personal digital assistant to the users in Windows 10. Cortana can do several things for you just like a personal assistant. Cortana can set alarms for you, reminders for meetings, search the web and many other things. For using this feature, you need to setup Cortana first. You need to have a Microsoft account in order to setup and use Cortana on your Windows 10 PC.

The setup process of Cortana has changed with the latest update of Windows 10. In the recent builds, Cortana launches in new window. You can drag Cortana window on desktop to a suitable place.

Setup and Use Cortana on Windows 10 Computer

Step 1: Launch Cortana Setup from Start

Go to Start menu, and you will find Cortana in Start Menu programs list. You can also search for Cortana on Start menu. And launch it from search results.

Search And Open Cortana From Start Menu
Search and open Cortana from Start menu

Cortana will launch in new window. Click on Sign in button to start Cortana setup using Microsoft account in Windows 10.

Click On Sign In Button To Get Started
Click on Sign in button to get started

Step 2: Use Microsoft Account to Setup Cortana

After you click on Sign in button, you will see options to sign in Cortana using Microsoft account or Work/School account. Select account type and click Continue.

Select Your Account Type And Click Continue
Select your account type and click Continue

Next enter your Microsoft account’s credentials to sign in to Cortana. You may get a prompt asking you to sign in using same Microsoft account to Windows 10. If you wish to use this account in Cortana only, click on Microsoft apps only. After successful sign in, Cortana setup is almost complete.

Sign In To Cortana Using Your Microsoft Account
Sign in to Cortana using your Microsoft Account

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Step 3: Provide Necessary Permissions and Agree to Terms

After successful sign-in, Windows will ask you to provide necessary permissions to Cortana. Click on Yes to continue.

Click On Yes To Provide Necessary Permissions To Cortana
Click Yes to provide necessary permissions to Cortana

Next, you will see a license agreement. Click on I Agree button to agree to the terms and conditions. After that Cortana will launch. You can now use Cortana on your Windows 10.

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Step 4: Launch and Use Cortana in Windows 10

Finally, Cortana setup is complete and you can now use Cortana on Windows 10. You might see some pop-up messages on Cortana about beta program, simply close them. Now, you can continue to use Cortana by typing your questions in the text box. Alternatively, you can also use your mic to talk to Cortana using your voice.

Use Keyboard Or Mic To Talk To Cortana On Windows 10 Setup And Use Cortana
Use Keyboard or Mic to talk to Cortana on Windows 10

You can always launch Cortana from Taskbar in Windows 10. Cortana icon is placed next to search box in Windows 10 taskbar.

Launch Cortana From Task Bar Button
Launch Cortana from Taskbar

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Talk to Cortana on Windows 10

You have successfully setup Cortana in Windows 10. You can now continue to use it using your keyboard or mic. Just type your question or dictate it to Cortana using your voice. Please note that for using voice controls, you need to have mic installed in your PC.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Should you face any problems during the Cortana setup process, leave a comment down below. You may also subscribe to our newsletter and get latest tutorials directly into your inbox via email.

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