How to Set up Your PC to Boot from CD/DVD Disc

If you are trying to install Windows using a CD or DVD disc, then you have to set up your PC to boot from a CD/DVD drive. If you don’t set it up, you won’t be able to install Windows from a CD or DVD disc.

This tutorial shows how to set up BIOS to boot from CD/DVD Disc. This process may vary slightly for different motherboards. So, use your intelligence.

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Setup your PC to Boot from CD/DVD Disc

Just follow these steps to configure your computer to boot from the disc drive.

Step 1: Enter BIOS Settings

Restart your PC. While your computer is booting up, press the DELETE key repeatedly or any other specified key (which may vary depending on the manufacturer) to enter the BIOS setting.

Open Bios Settings
Bios Settings

Step 2: Change Boot Device Priority to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM

In BIOS settings go to BOOT menu and select Boot Device Priority

Go To Boot And Select Boot Device Priority
Boot Options

Now, change the First BOOT Device to CDROM or DVDROM.

Select Cdrom As First Boot Device
Set CDROM As First Boot Device

Step 3: Save the Changes and Restart your PC

You have now successfully set up your PC to boot from CD/DVD Drive. It’s time to save the settings, press F10 to Save and exit. Press Enter to save the changes.

Press F10 To Save Changes And Exit The Bios
Press F10 to Save Changes and Exit the Bios

Configure BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD Disc

The above tutorial explained, how you can set up your computer to boot from a CD or DVD disc drive. Now your PC is ready to boot from CD/DVD Drive. Simply insert Windows Installation Disc in your CD/DVD drive and restart your PC. When you see “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD…“, press any key to install OS from CD/DVD. 

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