How to Share Real-Time Location on Google Maps

Google keeps adding new features to it’s apps. And one of the best feature Google has added to the Maps app, is Location sharing. Using this feature, you can share your real-time (live) location with your friends on Google Maps.

You can understand importance of this feature by considering following scenario: You and one of your friends want to catch up for dinner. But you are new to the city and have problems navigating. What would you do in such condition?

Here is where Google Maps real time location sharing feature comes to rescue. You and your friend both can share real time (live) location with each other on Google Maps. After that you can easily navigate to each other’s location.

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Share your Real-time Location with your Friends on Google Maps

Follow these steps to see how to share live location on Google Maps.

Step 1: Open Google Maps and select Location Sharing

First open Google Maps app on your phone by tapping on Maps icon. After that tap on Profile icon and select Location Sharing.

Now, you can share your live location with your friend and vice versa. Once done, both of you can see each other’s real-time location on map and it will be very easy to both of you to navigate.

Open Google Maps Tap On Profile And Select Location Sharing
Open Google Maps, tap on Profile and select Location Sharing

Step 2: Select Contact and Share Live Location

Now, tap on “New Share” button on Google Maps. On the next screen tap on “For 1 hour” button. After that you can set custom time to share your live location on Google Maps.

First, set the time then select the contact to share your live location and finally tap on Share. Google Maps will share your real-time location with selected contact.

Tap On New Share And Set Duration And Select Contact Then Tap On Share
Tap on New Share, set duration and select Contacts then tap on Share button

Selected contact will receive a notification. After he clicks on it, he will be able to see your real-time location on Google Maps. Happy navigating with live location sharing feature.

NOTE: If both of you want to see each other’s location on Maps, ask your friend to share his real-time location as well. After that, both of you can see each other’s live location on Google Maps.

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Step 3: Stop Sharing your Live Location

If you wish to stop sharing your location, you can simply do that from Google Maps app. Tap on the contact with whom you have shared your live location and tap on Stop button. That’s it, your friend won’t be able to see your location anymore.

Tap On Stop Button To Stop Sharing Your Real Time Live Location On Google Maps
Tap on Stop button to stop sharing you real-time location

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Share your Live Location on Google Maps

Above tutorial explained how you can share your real-time location on Google Maps with your friends. Location sharing feature of Google Maps is very useful for almost everyone. You can meet your buddies easily by sharing your real-time (live) location with them on Google Maps.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Make sure to share this tutorial with your friends to make it easy for them to share their location with you. You can drop your queries and suggestions in comment section down below.

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