How to Start Windows 11 in Safe Mode (and Get out of it)

Safe Mode is one of the best tools to troubleshoot common Windows problems. But with the versions of Windows, the method to get into Safe Mode has also changed. It’s different for Windows XP, 7 and 8 or 10. Similarly, with GUI changes the method to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode has also changed a bit.

Microsoft has re-arranged the settings a bit in Windows 11 so, the options have changed. In Windows 10, the Advanced Startup setting was under Recovery but now has been moved to System settings in Windows 11.

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Get into Safe Mode on Windows 11

So, if your Windows 11 PC is not running well, and you want to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode, you can do so by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to Advanced Startup Settings

First of all, open Settings in Windows 11. You can search for “settings” on Start or press the “Windows + I” keyboard shortcut to launch it.

After that, select System from the left pane, scroll down, and click on Recovery on the right side. It will take you to the Recovery settings in Windows 11.

Open Settings Go To System And Choose The Recovery Option
Go to Settings > System > Recovery

Now, in Recovery settings, click on Restart Now in Advanced Startup. It will restart your Windows 11 and take you to Advanced Startup options.

Click On Restart Now Button Under Advanced Startup
Click Restart Now in Advanced Startup


As an alternative, you can also press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and restart your Windows 11 PC. It will also take you to advanced startup options. From there you can start Windows 11 in Safe Mode. This method will also work on the login screen.

Press And Hold Shift Key And Restart Your Windows 11 Pc to get into Safe Mode
Press and hold the Shift key and restart your PC

NOTE: If you can’t get to Settings or your PC has become unresponsive, power off your PC and turn it on again. Now, power it off again when you see the Windows logo. Repeat this process 3 times and Windows 11 will automatically take you to advanced start options on the next boot.

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Step 2: Go to Advanced Startup Options

Now, your Windows 11 PC will show you advanced startup options. So, choose the Troubleshoot option and press Enter.

Select Troubleshoot From Advanced Startup Options
Select Troubleshoot and press Enter

In Troubleshoot menu click on Advanced options. It will show you some advanced troubleshooting options. You can also use them to uninstall recent updates, repair startup, or restore your PC using a restore point.

Select Advanced Options From Troubleshoot Menu
Select Advanced Options from the Troubleshoot menu

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Step 3: Change Startup Behavior

In the “Advanced options” select “Startup Settings” to change startup options and get into Safe Mode on Windows 11.

Click On Startup Settings From Advanced Options
select Startup Settings from Advanced Options

Now, you will be presented with the options you can select to change the startup behavior on your Windows 11 PC. So, click on the Restart button to continue.

Click Restart Button To See Startup Options For Windows 11
Click the Restart button to continue

Step 4: Start Windows 11 in Safe Mode

After you click Restart, your PC will restart and you will see options to start your Windows 11 in Safe Mode. Specifically, options 4, 5, and 6 are for Safe Mode as described below.

  • 4) Enable Safe Mode
  • 5) Enable Safe Mode with Networking
  • 6) Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt

So, for normal Safe Mode, press the number key 4 or function key F4 on your keyboard.

Select An Option To Start Windows 11 In Safe Mode
Press the respective number or function keys

Now, your Windows 11 PC will start in Safe Mode. Your desktop will also have a black desktop background and safe mode written on all 4 corners.

Windows 11 Safe Mode Desktop
Windows 11 Safe Mode

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Step 5: Get out of Safe Mode in Windows 11

After you are done with the troubleshooting, you can easily start Windows 11 in normal mode. To do that, restart your Windows 11 PC to get back to normal mode.

Restart Your Pc To Get Out Of Safe Mode In Windows 11
Restart your PC to get out of Safe Mode in Windows 11

NOTE: If you get stuck in Safe Mode, you can get out using the MSCONFIG utility. You can also check this tutorial for more details.

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Troubleshoot Windows 11 in Safe Mode

So, that was our guide on how to get into Safe Mode in Windows 11. You can easily uninstall stubborn programs or perform other troubleshooting steps in Safe Mode. You can also check here for other tips and tricks for your Windows PC.

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