How to Use Disappearing Messages on Signal Messenger

Disappearing Messages have been a sensation to users as they just vanish after set amount of time. This is really great feature (though not full-proof) for sharing private information temporarily. Users can now use Disappearing Messages on almost all major instant messaging apps including Signal Messenger.

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal Messenger allows users to set time for Disappearing Messages ranging from 5 seconds to 7 days. While in WhatsApp, this time is fixed at 7 days and you can’t change that.

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Use Disappearing Messages in Signal Messenger

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use Disappearing Messages in Signal Private Messenger app. This process is quite similar for both Android and iOS devices. So, let’s start with the steps.

Step 1: Configure Disappearing Messages

First of all, open the chat to which you want to send Disappearing Messages. Next, tap on 3-dot menu on top right corner and select Disappearing Messages.

After that set the time after which messages will disappear automatically from both sender and receiver’s chats. In this tutorial, we have set 5 seconds time.

Open A Conversation Tap On 3 Dot Menu Select Disappearing Messages And Set Time
Select Disappearing Messages and Set Time

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Step 2: Use Disappearing Messages on Signal

After you have successfully setup the time for Disappearing Messages, it’s time to test this awesome feature.

Send a message to the chat for which you have enabled Disappearing Messages in Signal. You will see a timer below the message. After the timer reaches the zero, the message will automatically disappear.

Send A Disappearing Message And It Will Vanish In After Time Period Is Over
Disappearing Message vanishes after Time is over

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Step 3: Disabling Disappearing Messages

If you wish to disable Disappearing Messages and use normal messages, you can do so by going to same settings.

First, open the chat for which you have enabled Disappearing Messages. Then, tap on 3-dot menu and select Disappearing Messages. Here, select Off and tap on OK. Disappearing messages will be disabled for this chat. You can see the notice in chat itself.

Go To 3 Dot Menu Select Disappearing Messages Set It As Off And Tap Ok
Turn Off Disappearing Messages

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Turn On Disappearing Messages on Signal Private Messenger

Disappearing messages are a great way to share important information temporarily. Though it’s not full proof but it’s very useful when you tend to forget deleting messages from chats. Plus it also improves the privacy.

The good thing with Signal Messenger is that you can set the time after which the messages will vanish. While in WhatsApp, as mentioned earlier, the message disappearing time is fixed to 7 days.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to give a shot to Disappearing Messages on Signal. In case you any suggestions or face any problems, feel free to write down them in the comments below.

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