How to Use Android Phone as Webcam on Windows 11 & 10

The Corona pandemic has made people understand the importance of collaboration platforms like Skype, Zoom or Teams. However, all these platforms require a laptop with good camera for video conferencing. Unlike mobile cameras, most laptops come with VGA cameras which can spoil your experience. But worry not, you can also use your Android phone camera as webcam for video conferencing and meetings on your Windows PC (be it Windows 11 or 10).

That’s right, there are several Android apps available that allow you to use your Android phone as webcam. But we found DroidCam to be simplest and it works really well. Plus it is available for free which makes it a better option than others. So, your Android phone can fulfill your need of a good webcam in the time of need.

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Use Android Phone Camera as a Webcam for Video Conferencing and Meetings

As mentioned earlier, DroidCam is a good app to use your Android phone as webcam. Another plus point of DroidCam is that it doesn’t put any watermark on videos. And you can also use both front and back cameras. However, if you want to use HD quality and high FPS, you can purchase premium version (DroidCamX).

The DroidCam client is available for Windows and Linux platforms. However, it is not available for macOS as of now. Well, let’s see how to use your Android phone as webcam on Windows 11 (or Windows 10) PC.

Step 1: Install DroidCam app on your Android Phone and Windows PC

First of all, you will have to install DroidCam app on both of your Android phone and your computer. You can install DroidCam (Free) from Play Store on your Android phone.

Install Droidcam App On Your Android Phone
Install DroidCam app on your Android phone

After installing DroidCam on phone, download and install the desktop client on Windows or Linux. You can download DroidCam client for Windows from here. After downloading, run the setup to install DroidCam client on your PC.

Install Droidcam Client In Your Windows 11 Or 10 Pc
Install DroidCam Client on your Windows PC

Step 2: Launch DroidCam on Android and Select Camera

Now, launch the DroidCam app on your phone. On the home page, you will see IP addresses and port. Simply copy the IP address hat looks like After that tap on Change Camera icon at he top right corner and select which camera to use (back or front).

Launch Droidcam App On Android And Select Back Or Front Camera To Use as Webcam on Windows 11 or 10 PC
Launch DroidCam app on Android and select Back or Front Camera to Use

NOTE: We have used WiFi setup in this tutorial. Just make sure that your phone and Windows PC both are connected to same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Connect your Android Phone with DroidCam Client on Windows PC

Keep DroidCam app open on Android phone and start DroidCam Client on your Windows PC. On startup, you will see a popup to connect and use your Android phone camera as webcam on your Windows PC.

Simply enter IP address copied in the previous step. You can leave DroidCam Port to default if you have not changed it in previous step. Besides that, you can also enable the use of both Video and Audio or just Video. Finally, click Start to continue.

Start Droidcam Client And Enter Ip Port And Click Start
Start DroidCam Client on Windows and enter IP and click Start

Step 4: Stream your Android Phone Camera on DroidCam

After you click on Start button, DroidCam client will connect to DroidCam app on your Android phone. After successful connection, you will be able to see video stream from your Android phone on your PC. Now, you can use your Android phone as webcam on Windows PC using DroidCam as video source.

You can even lock the screen of your phone but video will not stop.

Droidcam Client Video Start In Windows 11
DroidCam Client video start in Windows

Now, it’s time to use DroidCam as video source for video conferencing on Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.

Step 5: Use Android Phone as Webcam on Zoom

Besides just streaming your Android phone camera via DroidCam client, you can also use it as video source for video conferencing. Let’s check for Zoom first.

Launch Zoom app on your Windows PC and go to Settings. In Settings, select Video from left pane and then select DroidCam Source 3/2 as Camera source. You can also select Audio as DroidCam Virtual Audio.

Use Android Camera As Webcam For Zoom Video Conferencing In Windows
Use DroidCam as Webcam for Zoom Video Conferencing in Windows

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Step 6: Use Android Phone Camera as Webcam on Skype

Just like Zoom, you can also select DroidCam source as webcam on Skype app. First, launch Skype app, click 3-dot menu and select Settings. After that select Audio & Video from left pane and then select DroidCam Source 3/2 from Camera drop-down.

Use Droidcam As Camera Source In Skype Video Call
Use DroidCam as Camera Source in Skype Video Call

Step 7: Use DroidCam as webcam on Web Browser

If you use video conferencing or meetings on web browser, you can also use DroidCam source to use your Android Phone camera as webcam in Windows PC. To set DroidCam source as default camera source in Chrome, follow these steps.

Type chrome://settings/content/camera in address bar of Chrome browser and press Enter. It will take you to Camera source settings. Select DroidCam Source 3/2 from drop-down for camera source.

Set Droidcam As Default Camera Source In Web Browser
Set DroidCam as Default Camera Source in Web Browser

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Use Your Android Phone as webcam for Video Conferencing and Streaming

Above tutorial explained how you can use your Android phone camera as webcam in Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC. Now, you can enjoy high quality streaming and better meeting experience using your phone’s camera as can use your phone camera with Zoom, Skype, Teams etc. video conferencing apps.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in comment section down below. You can also subscribe to get latest tutorials directly into your inbox.

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