How to Use Siri to Play Spotify Music

Apple Music provides a seamless music streaming experience across all Apple Devices. But it doesn’t mean that the significance of Spotify has decreased. Also, you can get a better music experience by using Siri with Spotify on the iPhone and iPad. So, in this tutorial, we are going to explain how you can use Siri to play Spotify music on iOS and iPadOS to get a more pleasurable music experience.

As Apple has allowed third-party music app integration with Siri, you can enjoy a better streaming experience on Spotify. This integration has made Siri even more useful and enhanced the user experience.

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NOTE: Your device must be running iOS 13 and the latest version of Spotify. Plus, you need to end each of your voice commands with “on/from Spotify“. Otherwise Siri will use Apple Music instead of Spotify.

If you are not running the latest version of iOS, you can use Siri Shortcuts to play music using voice commands. We have explained those steps in the next section. Now that all the clouds have been cleared off, it’s time to get on with the steps!

A) How to Set Up Siri to Play Spotify Music on iOS 13 and Newer

Let’s see how to set up Siri to play Spotify Music on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 or Newer. The process is quite similar for both types of devices. So, let’s get into this.

Step 1: Open Spotify Settings

First, open Settings on your iOS or iPadOS device, scroll down and select Spotify. Here, tap on Siri & Search.

Open Settings Select Spotify And Tap On Siri And Search
Settings > Spotify > Siri & Search

Step 2: Enable “Use with Ask Siri”

Now, the last option you will see to “Use with Ask Siri“. Turn ON the next to it. You can now close the Settings app.

Turn On The Switch Next To Use With Ask Siri
Enable “Use with Ask Siri”

Step 3: Using Siri with Spotify

As mentioned earlier, you need to add “on/from Spotify” to each command in order to play Spotify music using Siri. For example, you can try saying, “Hey Siri, play Justin Bieber songs on Spotify.”

Besides this, you can also play podcasts on Spotify using Siri. Plus, enquire about currently playing songs, control media volume, skip songs, and play/pause the music.

Use Siri To Play Spotify Music On Iphone
Use Siri to play Spotify Music on iPhone

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B) How to Use Siri Shortcut to Play Spotify Music on iOS 12

If your device is running iOS 12, you can use the Shortcuts app (free, requires iOS 12 or later) for the same purpose. After installing the Shortcuts app, you can use this link to add the “Spotify Siri” shortcut to your shortcut library.

Using this “Spotify Siri” shortcut, you can play Spotify Music on your iPhone running iOS 12. Open the Shortcuts app and go to the library. Here, select the newly added Spotify Siri shortcut and tap on the three dots. Next, tap on the settings button at the top right corner and tap on Add to Siri to record the shortcut phrase. 

Use Shortcuts App To Play Spotify Music Using Siri On Ios 12
“Spotify Siri” Shortcut to Play Spotify Music

From now onward, you can use the recorded shortcut phrase to open the “Spotify Siri” shortcut using Siri. Just tell Siri the song name and you are good to go.

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Streaming Spotify Music Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

The above tutorial explained, how you can use Siri on iOS 13+ and iOS 12 to play Spotify music. If you are running the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, you can just use the “on/from Spotify” postfix to each command. But if you are running iOS 12, you have to use the Shortcuts app for the same purpose.

Hope you liked the above tutorial. Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in the comment section below.

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