How to Install Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Though Microsoft Edge Chromium has its extension store, it is not as extensive as Google Chrome‘s web store. Fortunately, you can now add Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge Chromium. This way Microsoft has given a good reason to users to stay with Edge by opening a whole new world of possibilities.

So, in this tutorial, we are going to explain, how to install Google Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium. The process is quite straightforward.

WARNING: The extensions from sources other than the Microsoft Store haven’t been tested for the Edge browser. So, might not be safe to install. And you might encounter bugs or performance issues.

So, we recommend you install only trusted extensions. Also, it will be a great idea to avoid unnecessary extensions. You may expect more improvements in the Edge browser in the future.

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Adding Google Chrome Extensions to Microsoft Edge Chromium

We have divided the process of installing Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge Chromium into two parts. The first part explains the process of enabling Google Chrome extensions. And second part describes the process of adding Chrome extensions to Edge. Let’s go through them one by one.

A) Enable Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Before we start to install Chrome Extensions to Microsoft Edge (Chromium), we need to allow extensions from other stores. So, follow these steps to install Chrome Extensions in Edge.

Step 1: Go to Extensions Settings in Edge

First of all, open the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser on your PC. Next, click on the 3 dots icon on the top right corner and select Extensions.

Open Microsoft Edge Click 3 Dots Menu And Select Extensions
Open Menu and select Extensions

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Step 2: Allow Extensions from Other Stores

Next up, turn on the switch for “Allow extensions from other stores” located in the bottom left corner.

Enable The Switch Next To Allow Extensions From Other Stores
Enable “Allow Extensions From Other Stores”

You will see a warning message about not verified extensions from third-party stores. Click Allow to enable access to the Google Chrome extension store on the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

Click Allow To Enable Extensions From Other Stores
Click Allow to Enable Extensions from Chrome Webstore

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B) Install Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser

You have now successfully enabled Chrome web store access on the Microsoft Edge browser. You can continue with installing your favorite Chrome extensions on the Microsoft Edge browser. Just follow these steps

Step 1: Go to Chrome Web Store in Edge

After enabling extensions from the third-party stores, open Chrome Web Store in Edge browser and search for your favorite extension. Then click on Add to Chrome button.

Open Chrome Web Store Search For Desired Extension And Click On Add To Chrome
Chrome Web Store > Extension > Add To Chrome

Step 2: Install Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge

After you click on Add to Chrome, you will see another pop-up for confirming your action. Simply, click on Add extension.

Click On Add Extension To Confirm Adding Extension To Microsoft Edge
Click On Add Extension

Finally, you will see a message after successfully adding the Chrome extension to the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

Chrome Extension Added To Microsoft Edge Successfully
Chrome Extension added to Microsoft Edge successfully

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Use Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium

The above tutorial explained, how you can easily add or install Google Chrome extensions to the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. As mentioned earlier, the process is simple and straightforward but you must be careful. Harmful or malicious extensions may spoil your browsing experience.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t hesitate to comment if you face any problems following this tutorial. We will try to attend as soon as possible.

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