How to Save Web pages as PDF using Chrome

People do lots of activities online like shopping, booking flights, paying bills, filling out forms, etc. Sometimes, we need to save these documents (e.g. bills, etc.) or forms for future reference. Saving a web page in HTML format is not reliable but converting a web page to PDF is a smart option. You can easily save web pages as PDF documents using Google Chrome.

Saving these documents as PDF documents will save a lot of work and time. Google Chrome provides the “Save as PDF” option to save files as PDF Documents. But, you can also save PDF documents in other browsers using the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option in the printers section. You will have to manually change the printer to Microsoft Print to PDF if not selected already.

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Save the Web Pages as PDF File using Google Chrome

In this tutorial, we will use Google Chrome to save the web pages as PDF files. So, if you don’t have Chrome installed already, you can download and install it from the official website. But that’s not mandatory, you can use other browsers as well.

Step 1: Open the Desired Page in Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome on your computer. Go to the webpage that you want to save as a PDF.

Open Google Chrome And Browse The Page You Want To Download As Pdf
Launch Google Chrome and open the page

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Step 2: Print the Web page as PDF

After you have successfully opened the page, press the Ctrl + P shortcut on the keyboard. This will bring up the Print menu. Here, select “Save as PDF” as a printer from the Destination drop-down. Finally, click on the Save button to save the webpage as PDF using Chrome.

NOTE: If you are using any other browser, you can select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from Destination drop-down list.

Press Ctrl And P Then Choose Save As Pdf As Destination And Click Save
Press Ctrl + P, choose Save as Pdf as Destination, and click Save

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Step 3: Save the PDF File

Now, you will see the browse window to select the destination folder for PDF and the name for the file. Browse to the desired destination folder, type a suitable name for the PDF file, and click the Save button. The web page will be saved as a PDF in the selected destination folder.

Now Choose The Folder To Save The Pdf Type A Name For It And Click Save
Save the PDF file at the desired Destination

Step 4: Test Downloaded PDF File

You can test the saved file by opening it. Go to the folder where you saved your PDF file and open the PDF file. It should open in Adobe Reader or any other PDF viewer installed on your computer.

Go To Destination Folder And Open The Saved Pdf File
Go to the destination folder and open the PDF file

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Print web pages as PDF files using Chrome with Ease

Now, you can save your important files as PDF documents. PDF documents are easy to handle, share, and store.¬†Besides Chrome, Microsoft has also started providing an option for saving web pages as PDF files. It is named ‘Microsoft Print to PDF‘ while Chrome’s PDF printer is named ‘Save as PDF‘.

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