How to Setup Windows to Speak Welcome Message on Login

When you start your Windows PC, it plays startup sound (Windows 10 doesn’t play startup sound by default). Well, besides Windows startup sound, you can also setup your Windows PC to speak a welcome message on user login. Yes, just like Jarvis in Iron Man movies. It means, every time you login to your Windows PC, it will greet you with a voice message like, “Welcome back, Dear”.

Well, that’s not very tough either. We can easily do this by using a simple visual basic (vbs) script. This script turns text into speech and it’s very simple and easy to use. So, you won’t require any coding knowledge to set it up. Just few lines of code and you are done. Best part is that it works on all Windows versions be it Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Windows 11.

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Make your Windows PC Speak Welcome Message on User Login

So, in this tutorial we will show you, how to setup your Windows PC to greet or speak welcome message on login. You can use this trick to show off to your friends. We have used Windows 11 in this tutorial, but it will also work on previous versions of Windows as well. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Notepad and Create VB Script

First of all, open Notepad. You can search on Start for Notepad and open it from from search results. After that, copy following code in Notepad. This code converts text message to voice message.

Dim welcome
set welcome=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
welcome.speak "Welcome back YourName"

Make sure to replace Welcome back YourName with your actual message that you want your Windows to speak on login.

Open Notepad And Paste Visual Basic Vb Script Code - setup your windows pc to speak welcome message on login
Open Notepad and create Visual Basic Script

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Step 2: Save the VB Script to your PC

Now save this file as “welcome.vbs“.  Press Ctrl + S and choose All Files (*.*) from file type dropdown list. After that, type welcome.vbs in file name field and click Save. The extension .vbs is necessary to make it work. After that we will have a VB script that we can setup to make your Windows PC speak welcome message on user login.

Save Welcome Vbs Script To Any Folder On Your Pc
Save welcome.vbs Script to desktop on your PC

Now, you can close the Notepad. Your script is ready on Desktop to work it’s magic. You can also test the script by double-clicking it, it should speak your message immediately. If it greets you with voice message, it means it’s working fine.

Welcome Vbs Script Saved On Desktop - setup your windows PC computer to greet you with voice message speak welcome message on user login
Double-click welcome.vbs file to test the script

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Step 3: Copy Script to Startup Folder to Speak Welcome Message on Login

Now, it’s time to copy our VB script file to Startup folder on your Windows PC. You can easily access Startup folder from RUN. So, press Windows + R to launch RUN, type shell:startup , and press Enter.

Go To Run Type Shell Startup To Open Windows Startup Folder
Go to RUN, type shell:startup and press Enter

Startup folder will open immediately. Now, copy welcome.vbs VB script file to this Startup folder and close it.

Copy Welcome Vbs Script To Windows Startup Folder - setup your windows pc to speak welcome message on user login
Copy welcome.vbs script to Windows Startup folder

Step 4: Restart your PC to Hear Welcome Message on Login

You are done here. Now, save all your work and restart your computer. After restart, login to your user account. Soon after login, you will hear the welcome message that you have setup in VB script.

Restart Your Windows 11 Pc
Restart your computer to hear welcome message

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Make your Windows PC Greet you on Login with a Voice Message

You have successfully setup your Windows PC to speak welcome message on login. Now, every time you will login into your Windows PC, it will greet you with a voice message. You can test and set your best customized message to greet you on login.

You can use this trick to impress your friends. Enjoy your speaking computer just like Jarvis! Hope you liked this trick. Write in comments if you have any problems.

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    1. You can type the message in the Turkish language. After creating the VB script, double-click on the .vbs file to check the message. Once satisfied, you can set the script on startup.

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