How to Share Your Screen on Zoom – A Complete Guide

Besides Virtual Background feature on Zoom, there is one more feature which is most used i.e. Screen sharing. And in the world of collaboration applications, screen sharing is the most used feature. It is specially used in meetings and for providing technical support. Screen sharing feature of Zoom offers great controls like Audio Sharing, ability to only share specific window instead of whole screen, whiteboard, annotation tools and option to select a portion of screen to share.

All of above mentioned features make Zoom one of the best video conferencing app. In this tutorial, we have explained, how you can share your screen on Zoom be it desktop or mobile phone. This tutorial has been divided in three sections. The first section explains how you can share screen on desktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Second section explains screen sharing on Android devices and third section explains screen sharing on iOS devices. Let’s start with desktop section.

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A) Share Your Desktop PC Screen on Zoom (Windows, macOS and Linux)

The steps for sharing screen on Windows, macOS and Linux are nearly identical. However, if you are using macOS Catalina, you will have to change few settings to allow Zoom to record your screen in Zoom meetings. Let’s change this setting first.

Step 1: Allow Zoom to Record Screen on macOS Catalina

Follow this step only if you are using macOS Catalina. Open System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. Here, you need to enable the option for which will allow Zoom to record your screen on macOS Catalina.

Macos Catalina Allow To Record Screen
Allow Zoom to Record Screen on macOS Catalina

Step 2: Share Screen on Zoom on Windows, Linux and macOS

After you have changed the settings in macOS Catalina, the steps for sharing the screen are identical for Windows, Linux and maOS. Now, start a meeting first. When you are in a Zoom meeting, you will see an option named Share Screen at the bottom. Click on it to start sharing the screen. You can also use Alt + S shortcut to quickly start/stop screen sharing on Zoom.

Click On Share Screen To Share Your Desktop Pc Screen On Zoom
Click on Share Screen to share your PC’s screen on Zoom

Step 3: Select the Type of Screen Sharing

Next, you will see multiple options for sharing the whole screen or an app specific window. You can also select Whiteboard option if you wish to provide notes to the screen viewers. Teachers can use Whiteboard for teaching the students in online classes.

You also have an option for sharing specific portion of the screen. Just click on the Advanced tab to see more options. After you are ready with your choice, click on the Share button at the bottom right corner.

Select Screen Or A Window To Share
Select Screen Or A Window to Share on Zoom Meeting

As soon as you click on Share, the screen will be shared with the participants instantly. While meeting is in progress, you will see a floating menu bar where you can access most of the controls.

Zoom Screen Share Floating Bar
Zoom Screen Share Floating Bar

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B) Share Your Android Phone’s Screen on Zoom

Step 1: Open Zoom on Android and Select Share Screen

For Android smartphones, the process is quite simple and straightforward. While your Zoom meeting is in progress, you can simply tap on the Share button at the bottom and select Screen option. You can also select the Whiteboard option if you want.

Select Share and then Tap on Screen
Select Share and then tap on Screen

Step 2: Allow Zoom to Record Screen on Android

Now, you will get a prompt on your Android device telling you about exposing sensitive information. Tap on Start Now and screen sharing will start immediately. Zoom App will be minimized and a small control bar will be available at the bottom. You can use this toolbar in case you want to annotate or end the screen sharing at any time. Please note that the internal audio will not be shared in Zoom meeting, but your mic will be active during meeting.

Allow Zoom To Record Screen On Android
Allow Zoom to Record Screen on Android

C) Share your iPhone or iPad’s Screen on Zoom

The steps for sharing the screen on iPhone and iPad (iOS and iPadOS) are slightly lengthy but not very difficult. To make things easier, you can add the Screen Recording option to the Control Center. If you already added Screen Recording to Control Center, you can simply skip Step 1 and go to Step 2. There is another limitation: You need to be on iOS 11 or higher to access the screen sharing feature on Zoom. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Add Screen Recording to Control Center in iPhone or iPad

First of all, we need to add Screen Recording option to the Control Center. Open the Settings app and go to Control Center > Customize Controls > Add Screen Recording.

Add Screen Recording To Control Center In Iphone
Add Screen Recording to Control Center in iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Start Screen Share on Zoom

Now, start or join a Zoom meeting. When you are in a Zoom meeting, tap on Share Content at the bottom and then select Screen.

Tap On Share And Select Screen On Your Iphone
Tap on Share Content and select Screen on iPhone or iPad

Step 3: Start Screen Recording Broadcast to Zoom

Now, swipe up to open the Control Center and tap and hold the Record button. Next, you will see a small Screen Recording pop-up, select Zoom and tap on Start Broadcast. After the count of 3, the whole iPhone or iPad screen will be shared in the Zoom call.

Start Screen Recording From Control Center And Start Screen Broadcast To Zoom
Start Screen Broadcast to Zoom on iPhone or iPad

Step 4: Stop Screen Sharing on iPhone or iPad

When you wish to stop screen sharing, simply tap on the red bar at the top. A Screen Broadcasting pop-up will appear, tap on Stop to stop screen sharing. Screen share with Zoom will stop immediately.

Tap On The Red Bar At The Top And Select Stop To Stop Broadcast
Tap on the Red Bar at the top and select Stop to Stop Broadcast

D) Start a Zoom Meeting with Screen Sharing

Sometimes, you might want to start a meeting with Screen Sharing. Mostly for the purpose of teaching the students. In such meetings normally audio, screen window, annotation tools and whiteboard is needed most. However, you can only start a screen sharing meeting on the desktop including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Step 1: Start New Meeting without Video

Open the Zoom app and click on the down arrow icon next to New Meeting and un-check the box in front of Start with video option. This will allow you to select other options while starting a Zoom meeting.

Start Zoom Meeting Without Video
Start Zoom Meeting without Video

Step 2: Select Screen Sharing to Start Meeting

Now, when you will click on New Meeting, you will see details about your meeting and options for joining audio only and sharing the screen. Here, click on Share Screen to start Zoom meeting with screen sharing.

Select Share Screen To Start Zoom Meeting With Screen Sharing
Select Share Screen to Start Zoom Meeting with Screen Sharing

Step 3: Select the Type of Screen Share for Zoom Meeting

After that, you will see options to choose a specific window or the whole screen to share. Select your desired option and then, click on Share and you are done.

Select Screen Or A Window To Share On Zoom Meeting
Select Screen or a Window to Share on Zoom Meeting

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Complete Screen Sharing Guide for Zoom Meetings

This was our guide on how you can share your screen during a Zoom meeting. This guide covers options for desktop and mobile devices. For desktop you can follow this tutorial for Windows, Linux and macOS. And for mobile devices, this tutorial covers Android, iOS and iPadOS.

Screen sharing in Zoom meetings makes is very useful for technical support, business meetings and teaching purposes. Besides Screen Sharing, you can also change your video background to virtual background in Zoom. Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your queries and suggestions in comment section down below.

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