How to Uninstall a Program from Control Panel

If any of your programs is not behaving properly and you no longer want to keep it on your computer, then you can uninstall it. But if you are new to Windows, you may not know how to uninstall a program from your computer. So, in this tutorial, we will show you, how to uninstall a program from Control Panel in Windows 10. Uninstalling a program using the native Control Panel method is explained below.

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Remove a Program from your Computer using the Control Panel

Removing the programs from the Control Panel is quite simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Control Panel

First of all, open the Control Panel. You can search for control panel on Start and then select Control Panel from the search results.

Search And Open Control Panel
Search and open the Control Panel from the Start Menu

Step 2: Go to Programs and Features

Next, in the Control Panel, select Category view if not selected already and then click Uninstall a program link under Programs. This will open the Programs and Features window where you can uninstall any of the programs installed on your PC.

Select View Type Category And Click Uninstall A Program From Programs Menu
Select View type as Category and click Uninstall A Program from Programs

Step 3: Select and Uninstall Program

Now, you will see the Programs and Features window showing the list of all programs installed on your computer. Next, select the program that you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.

From The List Of Programs Select A Program And Click Uninstall
From the list of programs, select the program and click Uninstall

You may see the UAC Prompt asking for permissions, click Yes to continue. After that uninstallation wizard will open. This wizard will be different for almost every program. So, you need to follow on-screen instructions.

Follow On Screen Instructions To Uninstall The Program
Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall the program

Step 4: Uninstallation Complete

After following the on-screen instructions, the program will be uninstalled from your computer. In this tutorial, we have used the example of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

After the program has been uninstalled successfully from your computer, you will see a success message. Click Finish or Close to exit the uninstallation wizard.

Exit Uninstallation Wizard After Uninstalling The Program
Exit uninstallation wizard after uninstalling the program

Furthermore, You can verify the uninstallation in the Programs and Features window. The program we just uninstalled, will be removed from the list.

List Of Installed Programs
List of installed programs

Uninstall a Program from the Control Panel

Now, you can either uninstall another program using the same method or close the Control Panel window. If a program gives an error while uninstalling, make sure that the selected program is not running. You can also check in System Tray. If the program is running, close it from System Tray and try to uninstall it again.

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