Upgrade Lenovo A6000 Plus to Lollipop (WhatsApp Contact Sync Issue Solved)

Lenovo Launched A6000 Plus budget smartphone as an upgrade to existing Lenovo A6000. In the new version i.e. A6000 Plus, the hardware configuration is enhanced. Lenovo A6000 Plus has 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM as compared to Lenovo A6000, which has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. And in September 2015, company released Lollipop upgrade for Lenovo A6000 Plus phone.

This upgrade is quite large and require at least 1.1GB of free space on your smartphone. If you are trying it over DATA connection, it may cost you a lot. So, better is to upgrade it over Wi-Fi or through the broadband connection using your PC.

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Pros of Lollipop Upgrade for Lenovo A6000 Plus Phone

There are some good features of this new upgrade and it has some shortcomings also. We are not going to explain each and every good thing or problem but only those which we found worth sharing.

Beautiful Design and look of Lollipop 5.0.2

Design and look of your Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus is going to be fantastic after you upgrade to Lollipop 5.0.2. Graphics User Interface is quite good and an upgrade to existing Keyboard design makes it easy to use and it also has good understanding of your typing preferences. New Keyboard provides better suggestions while typing based upon your previous typing history.

Lenovo A6000 Plus Lollipop Beautiful Design
Lenovo A6000 Plus Lollipop Beautiful Design

Better Management of Applications

In New upgrade your can easily manage applications and you can also choose which application should start with the phone and which one should not.

Better Apps Management - lenovo a6000 plus lollipop upgrade
Better Apps Management

New Themes in Lollipop Upgrade

In this Lollipop upgrade, Lenovo A6000 Plus has got 6 good looking themes. As you start your phone, launcher starts with it which manages the themes. Every theme has beautiful wallpapers for background and for Lockscreen. Icons are attractive and creative.

New Themes in Lollipop upgrade
New Themes in Lollipop upgrade

The Pull-Down Panel

The pull-down menu in this upgrade has beautiful design and accessibility. You will find mostly used settings here.

Pull down panel in Lollipop upgrade in Lenovo A6000 Plus
Pull down panel in Lollipop upgrade in Lenovo A6000 Plus

Lock Screen Shortcuts

On the lock screen, you will see two shortcuts on the bottom-left and bottom-right corner. In this Lollipop upgrade for Lenovo A6000 Plus, you can customize these two shortcuts. You can set your favorite application on lock screen.

There are more good things in this new upgrade. If you have this phone, you can research about these things. Now, let’s turn to the other side of the coin. This upgrade has some shortcomings also. We have found two of them. If you find more, you can report them in comments and help others.

Cons of Lollipop Upgrade for Lenovo A6000 Plus

Here are some cons of this upgrade.

WhatsApp contact Synchronization Problem after Lollipop Upgrade [*Fixed]

After the Lollipop upgrade you may face Contact Synchronization problem on WhatsApp. We have faced this problem just after the upgrade. WhatsApp was not showing any contacts in the list. All the chat heads were without names. We tried hard to solve this problem but nothing improved.


Solution to this WhatsApp problem is to reset your smartphone. After reset everything works fine. Before you start resetting, don’t forget to take backup of your data and contacts. It is a better option to upload all your contacts to your google account. Copy all your media and required files to SD card. Make sure you have around 1GB 3G Data to reinstall the applications after resetting your smartphone.

On startup your phone will ask you to login using your google account, login using the same account that you were logged in before. This way you will get back all your contacts. Now is the time to reinstall all the applications. Install WhatsApp and other applications. Start WhatsApp and you will see all the contacts in the contact list of WhatsApp.

If you still face problem, write in comments.

Battery Draining Faster

Another problem that we could find after Lollipop upgrade in Lenovo A6000 Plus is, that the battery was draining faster. Lollipop is eating more power than KitKat. Though battery doesn’t drain so fast that you have to charge your phone 2 or more times a day. But your battery won’t last whole day if you use internet and play videos regularly. This problem is something that Lenovo has to work on.

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Lollipop Upgrade for Lenovo A6000 Plus – Pros and Cons

The more you use it, more you learn. You may find some good and bad things in this upgrade. Write down your findings in comments if you are using Lenovo A6000 or Lenovo A6000Plus. So, What have you found so far?

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